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  • QA Testing Services

    For those who aim at delivering software of great quality the importance of quality assurance is evident. A good tester should not only be disciplined and detail oriented, but also creative. Really remarkable testers think out-of-the-box using their professional intuition to identify unexpected behavior or defects.


    Mobile Application Testing

    Key challenges in mobile application testing are a variety of mobile OS versions and screen resolutions. Mobile testing has its own specifics, that’s why more types of testing are involved here, like memory leakage testing, interrupt testing, etc.

    Here are the factors we pay special attention to while testing mobile applications:

    • Optimized memory usage by an application
    • Interruption due to an incoming call or SMS, low memory warning, low battery warning and so on while running the application
    • Client application performance, server performance, and network performance
    • Application behavior performance by unstable connection and in the conditions of temporal network
    • Data synchronization
    • Operating in an offline mode

    Enterprise application testing

    Our expertise covers testing of comprehensive applications built in PHP, Java, and C# (ASP.NET and Sharepoint).

    Within all our current and pending projects our Java, .NET/SharePoint, PHP engineers and system administrators can join the QA team consulting and executing tasks connected with configuration and development.

    There are resources to set up an integration environment and maintain it in our server. Testing can be also be performed on a virtual machine.


    Website Quality Assurance

    Website quality assurance requires additional types of testing:

    • Cross-platform and cross-browser testing
    • Responsiveness of the application to desktops and mobile devices with various screen resolutions
    • Usability testing

    Automated Testing

    For automated testing we mainly use Selenium WebDriver and the related frameworks like Protractor, RobotFramework, etc.; Selenium IDE and Selenium Builder can be used for tests recording; TestNG, JUnit, Jasmine for running tests; for load-testing we use Apache JMeter, etc.

    It’s worth knowing the difference, and when to use manual or automated testing for best results. Automated tests are good for testing comprehensive systems in which the core functionality doesn’t change much.


    Business Analysis (BA)

    Our Business Analysts facilitate the development process by:

    • Formalizing customer requirements and drawing up a Technical Specification
    • Analyzing requirements and implementation
    • Improving the quality of products and services
    • Assistance in implementation
    • Developing strategies

    Documentation services

    Innowise Group technical writers ensure strict compliance with standards and templates related to technical documentation:

    • Technical writing
    • Product help systems
    • User guides for various roles, administrator guides, and technical manuals
    • Proofreading, editing, and updating
    • Localization and translation

    Test Tools

    • Mantis
    • Atlassian JIRA
    • Elementool
    • Redmine
    • Bugzilla
    • VersionOne
    • YouTrack

    Unit Testing

    • TestNG
    • JUnit
    • Jasmine
    • Karma

    REST/HTTP API Clients

    • DHC
    • Advanced rest client

    Test Case Management System

    • TestLink
    • JIRA plugins

    Load & Performance Testing

    • Badboy OpenSTA
    • Apache Jmeter

    Building Tools

    • Ant/NAnt/CppAnt
    • Maven
    • Grunt

    Automated Web Testing Tools

    • Selenium WebDriver (PhantomJS)
    • Selenium IDE
    • Selenium Builder
    • SoapUI

    Security Testing

    • Nmap
    • Kali Linux

    Relation Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

    • MySQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Postgre SQL
    • Desktop DB (MS Access, MSDE, Paradox, Foxpro)
    • Oracle Database 11g.

    Test Automation

    • Custom frameworks
    • Protractor
    • RobotFramework

    Debugging Tools

    • Browser specific Developer Tools

    Continuous Integration Tools

    • Jenkins
    • TeamCity

    Version Control Systems

    • Git
    • SVN

    Depending on the project, we get various types of QA tasks. It may be:

    qa-testing-unit Testing a new
    functional unit
    qa-testing-website Testing the whole
    qa-testing-cycle Testing throughout the software
    development life cycle of the project

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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