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  • iOS Custom Mobile Application Development Company

    In Innowise we have an offshore mobile development team and they provide a range of services including developing mobile apps for your iPad and/or iPhone.

    You have an idea for an iPad or iPhone app, but you don’t know how to create a mobile app? No worries, Innowise will help you as our mobile development team has a vast experience in this area.

    iOS Mobile App Development Company will build the App for an iPad and iPhone

    In Innowise we provide iOS app development services. We have delivered a number of solutions including building custom iOS apps for business, creating the application architecture, prototyping, design, and testing. Our iOS developers create next-generation applications that tend to meet our customers’ desires and requirements and no matter how complex the project might be. Innowise covers plenty of industries such as E-Commerce, Automotive, Healthcare, Tourism, Transport and Logistics, Enterprise, Social, Media, Bank Systems, AR/VR and MR and so on.

    Our iOS App Development Services

    Custom iOS Development

    Each customer wants to make an application that will be special. Our offshore iOS developers can create such an app using customized iOS app development.

    iOS Application Development for Apple Wearables

    Are you planning to synchronize your iPhone or iPad app with Apple wearables? Don’t worry, we do that as well!

    Information Security

    As our developers use only official iOS APIs and Kits, we ensure that the data of your app plus associated transactions are secure.

    iOS Apps Testing

    All our applications undergo scrupulous testing in order to make sure that this app is the finest product to launch. The testing process consists of the following tasks: testing of the UI components, testing of the application logic and regression testing. At this stage, our testers come into the light and conduct thorough testing of the app, including corner-cases, interaction with other apps and the system, support of different operating systems, devices, screens, etc.

    iOS Apps Updating and Patching

    Keep your app running smoothly with patches and updates by our team. When we support and upgrade an app, we study the existing code base and its peculiarities in detail. We also look into the idea of the application and its logic, as it’s very important for us to delve into the project at short notice, maintain effective support of the app and implement the new functionality.

    UI/UX Design for your iPad or iPhone App

    Of course, our iOS Developers pay attention not only to how fast and well the app runs but they also make sure that it’s beautiful as nice design matters too. To achieve that our designers follow the special guideline for iOS called ‘Human Interface Guideline’. It describes the style and UI-components, how the user should interact with the interface and the app navigation. So that’s our clue to attractive apps in the short term.

    Advantages of Custom iOS App Development

    Higher Scalability

    Innowise is a company that provides iOS app development services, so our team knows like anybody else that every app and every project is special. So we don’t tend to use only one model of work with the customers and as a result, your iPhone or iPad app can be customized and adjusted to your timelines and your budget.

    Hardware integration

    When the developers write using the native technologies, they have full access to the app functionality and operating system (camera, audio and video, sensors, NFC, location, fingerprint location, information about the device, etc). When going native, the developers have the complete freedom of implementing the functions in a common framework.


    Of course, any customer has doubts when they go to an iOS app development services company as they are concerned about their information and data. In Innowise we can assure there’s nothing to worry about because of our strong security measures.  Our custom iOS app development goes with harsh security you can rely on. Native mobile development allows using system mechanisms and algorithms to encrypt the data and store it, SSL-pinning and it allows restricting access to your data. Regular updates for iOS ensure security against cyberattacks.


    If we take crossplatform and hybrid frameworks, it should be mentioned that they use a median which transforms their code into the native. As a result, the app works slower. In some cases, the crossplatform mobile developers have to implement some functionality for each of the platforms separately as the framework might not have the necessary logic in the framework. Consequently, this can lead to writing the native code to support this functionality and it’ll take more time to complete the task. So that’s why sometimes it’s better to choose native mobile development.

    Your iOS App for any Industry

    For multiple ideas, we have multiple resources to pull from to create a customized, beautiful and functional iOS app for any client. That’s what makes us such a great iOS application development company. If you have several concepts for your app, in Innowise we’ll definitely find a way to make an attractive product based on your concepts that will have all the functionality required.

    Continuous improvement of the Applications due to Analytics

    We want the users to enjoy the mobile applications we develop as much as possible. In order to reach this goal, we study user behaviour through analytics, with the help of the gathered data our developers make such changes into the application that will make the User Experience much more enjoyable and exciting.

    Technology Stack

    In our iOS software development company, we use a reliable stack of technologies that we used on a great number of projects. However, we still keep up to date and we always upgrade our knowledges as far as mobile app development is concerned. We strive to make our products better, so that's why we also devote our time to the advancement of our knowledge in terms of mobile development.

    As for technologies, our iOS app development team deals with Swift and Objective-C as the programming languages for building apps that work on iOS and iPadOS. We use Swift as our prioritized language, but we can also support Objective-C projects efficiently.

    We build our applications using the MVVM architecture pattern of MVP. In fact, the choice of the architectural pattern depends on the requirements of the project as well as its objectives.

    Core Fundation

    Core Foundation









    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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