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    Build a Cross-platform App with Our Flutter Developers Team

    Developing a cross-platform iOS/Android/Web application can be a real game-changer, assisting a business in many ways from providing services to customers and enhancing their experience to boosting the company’s inner business processes. At Innowise Group, we believe that cross-platform mobile app development should be quick, easy and of high quality. If such an application is needed urgently, we advise considering Flutter mobile app development services.

    What is Flutter?

    Flutter is leading and realiable, an open-source SDK created by Google. It uses Dart programming language and aims at creating applications for different platforms from a single codebase. Its architecture consists entirely of widgets. Everything, from text fields and buttons to media banners and background, is a widgets.

    This architecture makes Flutter very versatile in terms of app development. You can even create games using this SDK! It also allows the employment of the same libraries used in native mobile development with only one limitation: the imported libraries will only work with the platform, resoarces that they were designed for.

    Reasons why Flutter is one of the best SDKs for cross-platform mobile development

    Building a cross-platform solution requires a lot of hard work. Usually, when a business considers developing a custom application for a wide range of platforms, it thinks of hiring numerous teams of TOP developers, each of which will work in its own specific domain: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. Since apps are developed separately for each platform, each of them must be tested separately as well. This results in high duration and cost of development.

    But in 2015 the first version of Flutter came to light. It changed the whole mobile development sphere, making it faster, cheaper, and easier.

    Flutter vs Xamarin vs React Native

    Choosing a mobile software development technology can be hard. That’s why we’ve gathered all the general information about three most popular mobile technologies (Flutter, Xamarin, React Native) in one comfortable table:

    First emerged
    Developed by
    Programming language
    React Native
    JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C,Java
    Close to Native
    Use Native UI controllers
    No official IDE
    Use proprietary UI widgets
    Android Studio
    C# with .Net environment
    Close to Native
    Use Native UI controllers
    Visual Studio
    Advantages of using Flutter
    Fast time-to-market

    Developing an application for different platforms used to require individual development, testing and bug fixing processes. Apps developed with Flutter for different platforms are based on one code instance, which allows for unifying of these processes and makes production much faster.

    No performance loss

    Since the Flutter application’s code is compiled directly, there’s nothing that could lower the performance. The Flutter team promises constant 60/120 fps (depending on the particular device’s screen update capabilities), which makes even comfortable game development possible in Flutter.

    Less code, more result

    The versions of one app for different platforms are based on one code instance. This makes Flutter app development very handy in questions of app data storage, code review and bug fixing. One Flutter app development team can replace numerous teams of native devs. This also results in lower volumes.

    All platforms, one technology

    Since March 2021, Flutter allows for developing applications for all the most popular platforms: iOS development, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Web and Google Fuchsia. This means that to cover the maximum amount of users with your app you just need to hire Skilled Flutter developers.

    Hot reload

    Flutter cross-platform development has one more handy feature - hot reload. It means that all the changes to the code of an application can be seen in real-time via an emulator or a connected device that will receive an instant update. So, the Flutter development doesn’t need to reboot the app to see how the update works.

    One technology for any solution

    Flutter consists of widgets, which makes it very versatile. There even is an opportunity to use flutter in game development either using its own graphic engine or implementing Unity 3D widgets. Without frameworks, with a huge number of functionalities, you can create better digital products for the business. Web dev is going over, starts mobile app development. Agile & Flutter is the future of the IT industry. 

    In an urgent need of a high performing cross-platform application? We can provide you with full-stack flutter developers

    Possibilities you get with our flutter application development services

    Flutter has a wide range of advantages when it comes to developing an application for a wide range of platforms with short time-to-market. Nonetheless, hiring a full-stack flutter development team just to create one or two applications is relatively expensive and brings the issues of onboarding, hardware, and software support as well as the responsibility of subsequent redundancies. In this case, a Flutter app development company will reduce expenses on development processes.

    High level of expertise

    We’ve been working in development since 2007 and have been researching the possibilities of Flutter app development. Since then, we’ve gathered a lot of professional expertise in cross-platform Flutter development and want to use all our knowledge!

    Personal approach

    Our team will provide you with an enterprise-level process on all stages of Flutter app development. Flutter apps are highly customizable, and our team is waiting for you to give us a challenging idea to implement!

    Cost optimization

    One flutter cross-platform app development company or team can easily replace numerous native developers teams which means cheaper production. No more separate app instances and QA cycles that exhaust the budget!

    related cases - apps development based on Flutter

    Do you want your app to support new platforms? Or add some new features to the existing one? Android App development in Flutter deliver for using external libraries and Flutter can be used in native apps as an external integration library itself. Your imagination is the only limit!

    Synchronous updates

    One more upside of the unified code (Flutter development) base is that when you update it you get app versions for all the platforms updated. That means that there will be no more releases put on hold because the version for one innovative development platform is ready and isn’t for another!

    And that’s not all

    Contact us to learn more about our approach as a flutter cross-platform application development company and how we can boost your business byvia developing a flutter app!

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