Big data solutions to boost your business

Big data solutions, utilizing big data analysis, can boost your business in many ways. They can achieve everything from optimizing expenses to increasing customer flow, thus optimizing your revenue. Since 2007, Innowise Group has been accumulating expertise in a wide range of big data services, from consulting to full-fledged development.

How can our big data services help your business

Consulting about big data

  • Developing big data implementation and evolution strategies, creating detailed roadmaps.
  • Developing an architecture of a big data solution along with outlining optimal technology stacks.
  • Building a proof of concept.
  • Analyzing your data quality management and giving recommendations on improving it.
  • Developing user adoption strategies.

Implementing big data solutions

  • Developing architecture and design of a big data solution.
  • Full-fledged big data development services (data lakes, data warehouses, SQL and NoSQL data analysis, reporting, dashboarding).
  • Creating machine learning models.
  • Setting up big data governance procedures (data profiling, certification, classification, etc.).

Supporting big data solutions

  • Administrating big data solutions (updating applications, handling users & permissions, etc.).
  • Managing big data (cleaning, backing up & recovering big data, etc.).
  • Monitoring performance of big data solutions & troubleshooting.
  • Checking on the health of big data solutions.

Managed analytic services

  • Setting up and supporting big data solution infrastructure.
  • Extracting and managing big data.
  • Developing and tuning machine learning models.
  • Evolving existing big data solutions.

How big data helps in different business domains

Banking, finance and insurance

Big data helps financial institutions by providing more accurate risk analysis and market activity monitoring. Moreover, big data analytics help eliminate overlapping and redundant systems and make access to data easier.

Retail and eCommerce

Big data can boost retail and eCommerce businesses by reducing fraud rates and making stock management more precise. Moreover, it allows for the implementation of dynamic pricing and custom items suggestions. All this results in enhanced customer experience, expenses reduction, and revenue boost.


Manufacturing can benefit from big data analysis by optimizing logistics and supply chains and using this technology to predict equipment breakdown and conduct preventive maintenance on time. Moreover, choosing the location of a new branch can be done more precisely with the help of big data analytics.

Media and entertainment

In media and entertainment, big data solutions assist in creating detailed user profiles. They can be used to suggest the most suitable entertainment media based on the taste of a particular user.


Big data can boost retail and eCommerce businesses by reducing fraud rates and making stock management more precise. Moreover, it allows for the implementation of dynamic pricing and custom items suggestions. All this results in enhanced customer experience, expenses reduction, and revenue boost.


Thanks to more accurately targeted advertising campaigns, marketing benefits from big data by means of higher user acquisition and message deliverability rates, and enhanced customer experience.


In education, big data can do many things: from simple involvement analysis to assistance in creating custom educational programs that boost students results and decrease dropout rates.

OIl and gas

Here, big data is much more profitable than most people expect. For instance, apart from predictively scheduling equipment maintenance, it can analyze the geometry of a given location, giving the most accurate data on possible deposits of oil or gas.

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What does the business community say about big data?

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Reasons to let us handle your big data

Personalized approach to big data projects

Our team provides enterprise-level big data consulting services to evaluate your business needs and capabilities, thus getting the best fitting solutions and big data use strategies. Get the maximum you can from big data.

Easy big data integration

Big data gathers information from the whole IT infrastructure of the business. Our architects and developers can integrate big data solutions into your IT systems so that you can monitor all the events in one place without missing important details.

The scalable infrastructure of big data solutions

Businesses tend to grow, and growing will demand upscaling of IT infrastructure as well. Our development team can offer robust solutions that will have high performance and will be easy to upscale in tandem with the growth of your business infrastructure.

Only healthy data

Gathering data is one thing, but keeping data safe and clean is another. We implement high-quality data governance tools to ensure that your data is always up to the highest security standards. The healthier the data, the better the decisions you make.

Handy big data analytics tools

When it comes to making a decision, everything should be clear. To ensure that all your decisions are informed and based on the clearest information you can get, we implement various handy means of visualization of processed data.

Fast-paced development

Our development team possesses a high level of expertise in big data. This allows us to provide our clients with unique high-quality big data solutions and fast development processes even in the most complex and ambitious cases.
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Our big data portfolio

Since 2007 we’ve gathered a lot of expertise on big data. Here you can see some of our already finished big data projects:


The project aimed to create a big data solution that assists companies in collecting, sorting, and analyzing huge data sets in one application. Our developers have created and implemented quick search and sorting filtering algorithms that allow data transferring and organizing process automation. Moreover, the solution finds anomalies and errors in big data chunks. In addition, our team has developed graphical visualization of information and data. As a result, the solution allows for quick and convenient handling of big data sets and high-quality information display.

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Our big data technology stack
Apache Hadoop
Amazon S3
Azure Blob Storage

Other ways we can boost your business

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IT Consulting & Audit

Our experts will find the best way to improve your processes, thus leading your business to more rapid growth. Let us help you with the process of more fulfilling your potential, more rapidly than you had thought possible, and in line with your developmental plans!


Big data solutions are primarily developed using Python language. But that’s not the only way you can use it. See how else you can boost your business with one of the most popular programming languages.


Gathering, storing and analyzing big data is vital for modern business. But being able to manage processes and receive information about them on the go is, no doubt, at least equally important.

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