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  • Offshore .NET Development Company

    Looking for the best IT outsourcing company to design the perfect custom software solution for your business needs?
    .NET is an open-source corporate environment for designing modern and high-quality applications. Through our long-term experience of .NET development, we create robust desktop, web, mobile solutions for different industries. Innowise Group’s approach is based on the clients goals and our experts innovative vision.
    Innowise Group has been working with Microsoft technologies and products since 2007.
    Years of Expertise
    Projects Delivered
    .NET Developers
    Senior or middle
    Years of Expertise
    .NET Developers
    Projects Delivered
    Senior or middle
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    Why .NET development?
    Global Community

    Over the past few years, the worldwide developer community has designed numerous innovations and tools based on .NET. This enables companies to leverage the expertise of skilled .NET developers and create tailor-made solutions to achieve their business goals.

    Flexible Scalability

    Applications created with .NET can be easily scaled, depending on the purpose of the project. Multiple versions can run on the same system to simplify work on different projects and be deployed at the same time.

    Сross-platform Solutions

    .NET is the perfect choice for apps that work in sync across multiple OS. Solutions are available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. It is also possible to create cross-platform apps and cloud solutions.

    Simplicity & Reliability

    Thanks to the variety of available libraries and reusable components, .NET eliminates unnecessary coding and takes less time to create a custom application. Moreover, the code execution environment enables easy and flexible deployment.

    Supported by Microsoft

    .NET is created and supported by Microsoft as a free and open-source platform. Nowadays, the corporation ships and updates official releases, makes development accessible and supports .NET tools for worldwide dev business.

    .NET Solutions Design

    Since 2007 we've been turning business ideas into high-end software products.

    Desktop Applications
    Complex desktop solutions are usually based on WPF, Electron, UWP, Xamarin technologies. The expert’s vision helps to choose the right tool and create a perfect app for business growth. Also, the real positive is the ability to create a product supported by both Windows and Linux platforms.
    Web Applications
    Our expert team uses a large stack of ASP.NET Сore libraries, frameworks, microservices, and the latest innovative trends to create top-tier web solutions. Before the creation, we start a discovery phase to determine the methods, approaches, and technologies.
    With the help of ASP.NET Core, we create a straightforward microservices environment to make the development, testing, and maintenance cycle fast and usable for customers. Also, we are on the topic of creating and modernizing new architecture based on the decomposition of monolithic architecture.
    Cloud Solutions
    .NET is popular in the creation of Cloud applications on the Azure tool because of its simplicity and the ability to design a microservice environment. However, we are knowledgeable on other Cloud providers (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud), which yield flexibility in choosing solutions. As the leading development company, we also offer services migration to cloud platforms.
    Internet of Things
    .NET development is suitable for creating, automating, and supporting solutions in the Internet of Things domain. Automated resource management is one of our core competencies. We guarantee quality performance on home automation, resource accounting, and other functions based on IoT solutions.
    Machine Learning
    With ML.NET extensible platform, our experts develop and quickly integrate custom Machine Learning models into the .NET solutions. Our 10-years expertise with AI, ML allows us to share it with businesses and customers.
    .NET Business Solutions
    The project outcome depends on the domains and business objectives too. We put forward cooperation in dealing with the following areas:
    Business process automation (BPA, ERP)
    Human resource managment systems (HRMS)
    Project management and task tracking tools
    Document management systems (EDMS)
    Content management (CMS, EIP)
    B2B, B2E, B2C and C2C portals
    Data analytics, reports, and dashboards
    Transaction processing and financial management systems
    Inventory management systems and logistics software
    Help desk services
    High Expertise in Microsoft
    We are professionals in the field of migrating to the latest Microsoft package technologies. Our experts adopt ready-made Microsoft solutions for corporate needs, enhance the functionality of standardized programs to meet business goals, and provide migration from desktop apps to cloud services.
    High Expertise in Microsoft
    We are professionals in the field of migrating to the latest Microsoft package technologies. Our experts adopt ready-made Microsoft solutions for corporate needs, enhance the functionality of standardized programs to meet business goals, and provide migration from desktop apps to cloud services.
    SharePoint Systems
    Microsoft Office 365 Customization
    Microsoft Teams Chatbots
    Power BI
    Power Apps
    HoloLens/Mixed Reality Apps
    Technological Stack Expertise
    Relying on 14 years of experience in .NET development, we design modern digital solutions with diverse tech stacks
    ASP.NET Core
    Web API
    Web Forms
    ASP.NET Core
    Stream Analytics
    Apache Spark
    Microsoft SQL Server
    App Service
    IoT Hub
    Event Hub
    Content Delivery work
    Active Directory
    Bot Service
    Service Bus
    Logic Apps

    Our .NET expert team has been working with cutting-edge industries and domains for 14 years.

    Business Industries

    Automotive Industry
    Finance and Banking
    Logistics and Transportation
    Marketing and Advertising
    Travel and Tourism
    .NET Development Services
    IT Audit and Consulting
    Custom Software Development
    Rapid Application Development
    Prototyping PoC, MVP Development
    Integration of .NET Products
    Legacy Modernization and Migration
    Information Security
    Unit Tests, UI Tests
    Maintenance and Support
    .NET Projects Portfolio
    Validation System Of Large Data Sets

    The solution helps large companies collect, sort and analyze big data in one system. It allows users to import files of different types and automatically merge them, as well as get search results in a matter of seconds and visualize the data on different dashboards.

    Learn more
    Fleet Management System

    The system allows companies to manage their fleet and control vehicles in real-time. With the help of the web or mobile apps, users can constantly track current data on multiple parameters and receive push notifications in case something goes wrong.

    Learn more
    Online Medical Consultations

    The system allows companies to manage their fleet and control vehicles in real-time. With the help of the web or mobile apps, users can constantly track current data on multiple parameters and receive push notifications in case something goes wrong.

    Learn more
    Patient Treatment Application

    The mobile application is designed to assist hospital patients at all stages of treatment, from preparation to hospitalization to complete recovery. It keeps personal health records to track changes over time and reminds users of medications and procedures prescribed.

    Learn more
    Platform for Logistic Companies

    The solution facilitates the entire workflow from searching for the best contractor to billing for services. The application makes it easy to place orders for different types of services, monitor their status, automatically calculate service costs, and invoice companies.

    Learn more
    Travel Guide with Augmented Reality

    The app enables users to visit ruined historical sites in Augmented Reality, providing tourists with an incredible adventure. To share their unforgettable experience with friends, subscribed users can take photos with historical figures or buildings in AR.

    Learn more
    Why Innowise Group?
    We can always find the right specialist

    We have over 300 developers on our staff with expertise in various fields.

    This fact allows us toprovide resources as quickly as possible and ensure that stable quality standards are maintained.

    We are flexible in our work to provide you with the most comfortable service
    Regardless of the size of the project, technology, staff load (full-time/ part-time), we constantly adjust to the client’s workflow. The participation of our specialists corresponds to all business processes of the customer.
    We provide you with a communicator partner on our side

    This guarantees that you can contact us whenever you have any questions, and we will deal with your issue immediately.

    And we also speak the customer’s language (English, German, French, Italian).



    “Since 2019 we've been enjoying the services rendered by Innowise Group to implement a strategically important project on modernization of the work of internal ITsystems. The company is characterized by the efficient and professional organization of its operational processes and working practices. We intend to continue and further develop our successful collaboration”. 

    Udo Richter, N:aip Head director.



    “Innowise handled a big ‘sprint’ for Switchbackr, bringing our codebase up to date using Sharetribe’s “Flex'' product for marketplaces. I am personally new to web development and all its attendant challenges. Importantly, they were flexible with my project management requirements, bringing on developers when needed to double down and allowing for a more flexible schedule. All in all, I am delighted with Innowise and intend to continue working with them”.

    Alex Friedman, Switchbackr Worldwide, Inc. CEO


    “The workflow has been seamless so far, and everything is always well organized and timely. All developers we have been working with so far are capable, cooperative, and responsive. We also appreciate that there are not many personal changes (1 change in 1 1/2 Years) so our Project Manager can build upon the project know-how of the developers at Innowise. We firmly believe that your company will benefit from doing business with Innowise Group and would like you to consider them for your software development needs as well.”

    Dominique Ripoll, Head of Human Resources IMT AG

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    .NET FAQ

    .NET is an enterprise technology developed in 2002 with Microsoft. .NET is suitable for creating a Windows, Linux, macOS, Docker package solution. The platform is multi-language, innovative, and has a large dev community worldwide. Microsoft corporate technologies are usable and reliable.

    .NET is a significant development environment that offers a variety of options and possibilities. Reliable and secure language helps design large, scalable desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Also, let’s not forget its high performance and robustness, high application speed, scalability, and maintainability.

    Typically, the cost depends on different criteria such as the project’s complexity, the number of people in the team, and the time spent on a product. We can join the project at any stage, and it is easier to contact us and make individual calculations for your business.

    Sure! Our .NET department consists of 50+ developers, and 85% of them are senior and middle ranking. You can strengthen your team with the right specialists that you need at the moment. We tailor a team of professionals to each clients individual needs.

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