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  • Technology Consulting & Audit

    Focusing on developing a competitive business environment, Innowise Group offers computing consultancy and smart analytical tools by implementing the latest technologies and relying on the 13-year of experience in software development.

    IT development consulting company

    Information technology consulting services are a way of analyzing smart decisions' internal and external technical processes and searching for business opportunities.

    Software consulting services provided

    Turnkey strategy consultation

    Assistance in developing a significant custom strategy for business performance increase.


    Extended digital consultation

    Analyzing a complete component of the software architecture and its technical solution form and proffer an integrated approach to optimizing an evolving risk environment.


    Business process analysis consultation

    Identification of errors in business processes throughout all project development software stages and its optimization


    IT consulting expertise

    AI consulting

    Artificial Intelligence technology and solution consulting of smart decisions with a help of machine learning technology (ML).

    Fintech banking consulting

    Support and consulting of financial and banking sectors using engagement and digital transformation strategies.

    SaaS consulting

    Project support in terms of software development and API maintenance with a help of CIS.

    Cloud consulting

    Support includes consulting services in Managed security, adjusting Cloud strategy and assistance in Cloud Migration.

    IoT consulting

    Improving the production of operations through consulting in cloud integration, device prototyping and the choice of tools to create an IoT system.

    E-Commerce consulting

    Support and technical assistance based on next-gen operations in CRM, CMS, SCM development.

    Big data consulting

    Development in applying machine learning algorithms to produce custom and user solutions.

    BI consulting

    A complex approach aimed to search for industry-ready solutions which improve management efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

    E-learning consulting

    A complex approach aimed to search for industry-ready solutions which improve management efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

    CMS consulting

    Process CMS optimization, development, testing and integration with sites and services.

    Medtech consulting

    Creation and support of the technical environment, development of functionality based on flexible commercial models.

    Enterprise consulting

    Provide expertise and business solutions in SCM, HRM and EM and research of complex technical company’s capabilities.

    IT development audit company

    Innowise Group provides IT audit services for analyzing your niche project's technical, financial, business strengths and weaknesses. Complex сustom approach aims to help your business reach a new level in IT optimization.

    Software audit services provided

    CMS consulting

    Technical audit is required by companies that are not sure in quality and relevance of the performed technical part.

    Complex business audit

    Complex business audit combines Technical audit of equipment and Business architecture software audit.

    Business architecture software audit

    Business architecture audit is a consistent audit directed on strategy, internal and external components of the project.

    Security systems audit

    Security systems audit involves consulting on the topic of checking the security of system software.

    UX/UI audit

    UX/UI audit is an expert assessment of insight into how your potential customers interact with the site.

    The benefit of an audit with Innowise Group

    Quick service results

    We advocate incremental and steady changes to help you obtain the first positive outcomes within 2-6 months and continue increasing them further.

    Cost-effective IT optimization

    We apply our 13-year experience in information technology to achieve substantial results for your business at a reasonable budget.

    Balanced approach

    Innowise's team offers a balanced approach to changes. We examine interdependencies between your IT systems and analyze the impact of potential changes for each platform, service, application, or application module.

    Our vision of IT consulting and audit

    Pavel Orlov, CEO at Innowise Group

    “We are delighted to discover new insights for each client. An individual custom of adjusting technical solutions, business processes, internal architecture is a modern approach to the future”.


    Each company faces the question of ensuring sustainable business growth and avoiding technical inaccuracies in the future. For successful and systematic development, they turn to consultants or auditors. Being a 13-leverage years company, we can take responsibility for your business's technical internal, and external parts.

    IT consultants and auditors specialize in identifying project weaknesses and optimizing them to the proper level. Сonsultations can be one-time and long-term. After several sessions, the client is presented with the executive summary of the project and the scope of things to be changed.

    Innowise Group is a full-cycle software development implementation and support company with experience in 500+ projects, 50+ clients, 20+ countries. We work with a full cycle of software development and are focused on quality results.

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