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  • Services

    We provide the complete range of services and skills to design, build and maintain your custom software applications and systems. From requirements gathering, architecture and design (user experience and user interface design) to coding, quality assurance (automation QA & manual), development operations (DevOps) and support operations (customer support, database administration, data analytics and more).

    Custom Software Development

    We thrive on challenge and love to use our collective experience to innovate software solutions. We help our clients create intuitive software products that deliver benefits to their businesses on a daily basis.

    Innowise Group is the custom software development company that solves customer business problems by bringing together global expertise, innovation, and creativity to produce world class technology solutions. By combining a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, Innowise Group has become an authoritative option for companies looking for offshore software development services, including supplementing in-house resources in the delivery of discrete project components, integration of the latest technology with existing enterprise infrastructure, creating complex interactive and multimedia environments, and first-of-a-kind, start-to-finish development efforts.

    Custom Development includes software products creation from scratch. Innowise Group builds web, desktop, mobile, and trending VR and AR solutions that are foremost directed to increasing effectiveness of our customers’ business.

    .Net development
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    Java development
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    PHP development
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    Mobile applications
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    Virtual reality/Augmented reality applications
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    Software Architecture

    Software architecture acts as a blueprint for the system and the process of development of a project that helps in mitigating design risks quite early. Innowise Group is a leading software architecture service company with

    extensive experience in the field and exposure to various industries across continents. We have developed a well orchestrated mechanism to design software architecture for our clients that is affordable and extremely effective.

    When implementing the project, we guarantee:

    Flexibility of the system
    Scalability of the development process
    Extensibility of the system
    Possibility of reuse
    Well-structured, readable and understandable code

    Requirements Analysis

    IT experts work diligently with clients to compose user documents and cases with thorough analysis and effort estimation. The process helps understand what it would take to completely realize a solution.


    We develop UML models that thoroughly describe a system. These models can be delivered at any required level that includes high level logical organization and detailed class method level design.


    We create a spike solution that validates the architecture, tests the feasibility of technical solution, and confers a pattern for entire process to follow in the due course of designing.

    Architecture Reviews

    Our team evaluates the existing system designs for scope to simplify or add system enhancements.

    Quality Assurance department of the company creates an environment wherein to test any type of devices prior to delivering to clients.

    This helps to face any unforeseen issues and deal with them flawlessly.

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    Software Testing and QA

    Our QA Department uses a wide range of advanced testing methods and tools. This ensures that product is deployed in the most efficient way, and faster time–to–market.

    • Software testing
    • Functional testing
    • Technical testing
    • Web applications testing
    • Security testing
    • Testing of graphical user interface
    • Compliance, etc.

    We have extensive experience testing of a multitude of application types (web, mobile, cloud, desktop) on a wide range of devices, including PCs and the latest editions of smartphones, and tablets of all major manufacturers, with operating systems of the last generation.

    Dedicated Teams & OUTSTAFFING


    Creating a remote IT team - a kind of a virtual extension of the customer’s IT department on the principles of ODC (Offshore Development Center) and BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer).


    Many companies prefer to pass on part of development operations to remote specialists. You can hand on separate projects to us or choose to create your own Offshore Development Center (ODC), which will act as a virtual extension of your IT-company.


    This option provides:

    • Participation in the resource planning and as a result
    • Insurance of risks in development of big IT project

    An Offshore development center is a perfect solution for companies that are striving to enhance efficiency of software development, but would like to avoid too much extra expenses for hiring additional staff or investment in other resources.


    By means of creating a remote development center, the company creates its own virtual office. Such long-term commitments are cost-effective and time-saving.

    The dedicated development team approach provides competency, innovation and flexibility in size and skills.

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    UX & UI

    Our UI/UX Designers create functional and user friendly designs. We adopt meticulous and structured process right from blueprints, wireframes, prototypes and design page mockups to infuse life into designs.


    We create and develop a prototype start-ups that demonstrate the philosophy and value of the product, and how it is going to function in practice.

    Show cases


    Providing of all kinds of services (connectivity and usage) – both exterior services and specialized services for a particular client.
    We create custom SaaS applications for education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, tourism.


    The latest technologies and updates happening every day, be it in any area, have one aim in common - erasing the difference between real and virtual world as much as possible. This is basically another way of saying people are getting more and more competent with incorporating real world features within the virtual world.

    That is somehow making website wanting various features. For instance, having just a website is not enough anymore. It needs to be interesting and one of the best ways to ensure that is using animation in the website.

    E-commerce sites do not just offer products anymore, they are allowing 3D trial rooms where you can see how a dress fits or looks. These things are happening to not only add more convenience to the website, but to make the interface more user-friendly and interactive.

    So, 2D and 3D modeling and animations are becoming an integral part of websites these days and including them your website has become a necessity.



    Development of an application code that will be
    shared across multiple devices


    Implementation of user interface that look great
    across all devices without any cross-device
    compatibility issues


    Usability testing of mobile applications before
    deployment of your project


    Legacy application modernization and redesign services using cross device platform development technologies


    Cross-platform application support & maintenance


    Top-notch cross platform developers for hire

    IT consulting and business analysis

    InnowiseGroup has been working in Belarussian, Russian, and USA markets for a long time. As a result of effective cooperation with IT providers we put together and manage a team of IT partners each specializing in specific areas and industries, from software developers to companies providing SAP solutions. That is why we can offer our clients a wide spectrum of IT specialists proficient in all kinds of software projects.

    Reengineering of existing it systems

    Innowise Group offers a number of solutions to make existing software systems more effective. Some of the solutions are:

    • Reuse of a proven existing solution as a prototype for a new more robust and effective software solution;
    • Connectivity and/or development of new services such as informational, analytical, communicational etc.


    Innowise Group has rich experience working on diverse projects involving integration with legacy/existing systems.


    The company specializes in applying .NET innovative solutions for telecommunication industry to integrate with other IT systems.


    Development of specialized databases based on internal and external resources. Innowise Group makes use of the following database ma-nagement systems: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL. We utilize the above mentioned database systems as back-end data warehouse of IT solutions, provide services to migrate existing IT solutions from one DBMS to the other as well as to port them to a newer version of the same DBMS.


    Optimizing and automating the key processes that drive your business: software for production warehouses, logistics, financial accounting and managerial analysis, e-document management systems (office admi-nistration), invoicing software solutions, analyzing and reporting tools, tracking systems, etc


    We help to run your company through all stages of Microsoft Exchange deployment from planning to implementation ensuring the most efficient architectural solutions and best practices.


    Innowise Group has rich experience working on diverse projects involving integration with legacy/existing systems. The company specializes in applying .NET innovative solutions for telecommunication industry to integrate with other IT systems.


    We provide support and maintenance of applications, platforms, and solutions developed by Innowise Group, as well as by third party vendors. We are convinced that professional maintenance and support shall ensure that your IT products are cost-effective and run smoothly and reliably.


    We have experience of implementing science-intensive projects, as we work closely with scientific and research institutions.

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