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Project Overview

The goal of the project was to redevelop a website for dog smart collars promotion and integrate it with an already existing Shopify web store. The design of the new website was provided by the customer. The customer did not have any preferences which framework or CMS should be used for the website.

The main requirements were easy administration of the website and development price. Based on this, it was advised by our business analyst to use WordPress. The pros of a WordPress solution in this case also include SEO friendliness of this CMS.


What Was Done

Website development

Among the activities and tasks performed by the Innowise Group team are:

The main functionality of the website includes:

Creation of email templates for a marketing campaign

After launching the website the customer decided to run a marketing campaign to drive more site traffic.

They created a basic design with images and text, and a frontend developer from our team developed an email template for a newsletter campaign.

It was tested across different mail services and webmail clients.

At the bottom a promotional email with a special offer for registered users has a CTA button that is split into two:

Innowise Group developed a search engine friendly website according to the best web standards.

The website visitors have a great experience no matter what types of devices they are using – desktop, tablet or mobile.

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