Web Application for Logistics Companies

The solution facilitates the full work cycle of logistics companies from creating orders to making billing

Project Overview

This web application for logistic companies is designed to monitor trucking around the U.K. and connects many trucking companies across the country. With the help of the app, users can quickly monitor orders on a visual dashboard, as well as create tables with personalized settings to analyze the necessary data. 

The following functions are available: log, order creation and delivery.

Creating an order consists of 2 parts: 

  • ORDER: specify from where to pick up the cargo, choose from a list of carriers, from a list of types of goods, weight, cost of goods; 
  • DELIVERY: where delivery is planned (depending on what was specified in the “from” field). Lists and dependencies were provided by the customer. In addition, users can place an order by filling in a file with a special form. The system checks the availability of files every 5 minutes, and automatically reads and pulls up such orders. 

Then the order goes through several stages of confirmation: 

  • Confirming that you have created the order;
  • Confirming that the order has arrived;
  • Arrived;
  • Checking that everything has arrived + filled out a separate form, which specifies the exact quantity of the arrived goods (all quantities / less). The system immediately calculates how much you need to pay for all services. When you click “Ok”, the carrier receives an invoice with information about the delivery and the amount to pay.

This application was completely developed from scratch and is now in the support stage.

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What Was Done

The project was implemented by our developers completely from scratch. To meet the challenge and design an intelligent solution we put in place automatic updating and saving of data located in the system.

In addition, we have created the following functions:

Project team: 2 developers, 1 PM.
Technology: .NET Core 3,  Angular 9, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Application Insights, Azure Active Directory, Entity Framework Core, MS SQL, Web API, Swagger, MSTest for tests, AutoMapper.

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