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  • Wordpress widget for a website

    Wordpress widget for a website allows to see communities in the local area

    Project Overview

    The task for the Development Team was to develop a widget for a website that would allows users to see how many communities are in their city or local area, so that any user can engage communities to organize an event.  

    The requirements for the widget were the following:

    • the widget should be compatible to AVADA WP theme;

    • the widget should use the Meetup API;

    • the widget was meant to allow users to enter their country & Meetup City (default 50 miles);

    • the widget should allow users to enter a Meetup Topic to see how many communities are in their area (default list all topics);

    • the widget needed to produce a table view of results;

    • the widget needed to be hosted on Wordpress as Tapp as author for purchase.



    What Was Done

    Our team performed the following tasks:

    • we made Р° responsive design for the widget to be placed on the site of the customer;

    • filtering/sorting by toggling group topics. A user of the widget may toggle only the relevant topics, so he/she can filter-out irrelevant groups in the group search results;

    • integration with Meetup API;

    • integration with MailChimp & Mandrill Services.

    The widget has 3 input fields:

    • country;

    • city;

    • communities.

    There is a search feature for users in the widget. Every time a user selects a city the results produce a different number/selection of meetup groups.  

    After that user can receive an email with groups data via Mandrill service. During this process a user’s email is added to Mailchimp for future email campaigns.

    The widget was intalled to the website of the customer, and may be used in future on any wordpress site. It allows users to see how many communities are in their city or local area and get data about these communities, so any user can engage communities to organize an event.  

    The widget may be located on any block of any page of the site.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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