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  • Websites for the cosmetics shops

    The system of websites for the international body cosmetics shops

    Project Overview

    The task for the Development Team was to develop a system of websites for the international body cosmetics shops. Woocommerce was chosen by the Customer as the preferred platform.

    The websites were created on the example (sample) of the existing websites for other countries, but on the new platform. The developers of the company carried out localization of system in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

    The key objectives of the project were:

    • The system has to be transferred to other countries easily when opening a new shop
    • The system has to be localized for absolutely other cultural environment
    • Shops for different countries have to be connected with each other


    What Was Done

    The Development Team of the company implemented the sites with the required functionality and content. Many sections were changed in connection with new requirements to the system which were caused by peculiarities of the market for the chosen countries.

    The following was implemented by the Development Team:

    • Transfer of design and functionality of the website on the new platform. The team of developers moved system to the new platform, but preserved the design of the original websites

    • Development of the system of interaction between the websites. Products and their hierarchy can be transferred now to other website

    • Changes of algorithms of calculations

    • Changes of standard page templates

    • Installation and setup of plugins on the websites

    • Expansions of functionality of the original websites according to the new requirements of the Customer.

    • Addition of new functions and solutions

    • Creation and adaptation of a mailing system on the sites. The development of custom templates of letters which correspond to the requirements of the Customer

    • Customized checkout process. Addition of the system of encouragement and award of buyers which is based on the Customer’s requirements

    • Products and customers import/export

    • Development and deployment of multilevel system of accesses. Each access provides various opportunities

    • Development of the system of cross sales and offers of goods

    • Development of functionality for creation of promo-campaigns. The systems allows admin to set the required parameters (for example, date, time and promo-campaign conditions, the list of presents and awards, compatibility with other campaigns). The section has graphic representation

    • Integration of services of delivery, obtaining numbers of transportation and their automatic binding to orders

    • Formation of documentation in several languages



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