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    Website for the project about mythology of Belarus

    Project Overview

    The Customer ordered the site for the unique project intended to promote the information about Belarusian mythology, mythological creatures and the direction of art connected with mythology and folk art.

    The site was intended to display sculptures, animation and graphics of mythological creatures. Also the creators of the project aimed to promote the VR game - application of virtual reality which allows to get acquainted closer with mythology of Belarus, to experience new emotions and to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of  the world full of mysticism. The site had to be clear and simple, appealing for users and easy for navigation, the site had to be filled with detailed information on creatures of belarusian mythology.

    The designer of our company created the design in accordance with the subject of the project, and used the most matchable and pretty to look at color theme. The design is the most user-friendly and draws attention of the users at first sight.

    The site was developed on WordPress CMS, which is written for PHP and the server of the database MySQL is used. The client part is realized by means of the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), jQuery. Editing of the content is carried out through the WordPress admin panel.


    What Was Done

    The content of the site includes:

    • The information about the project, it’s main directions and creators

    • Description and photo gallery for each character

    • The schedule of exhibitions and their descriptions including photo gallery

    • References to articles of media about the project

    • Information and screenshots of VR application

    For easy and quick contact with the creators of the project we made the contact form. The benefit of using a contact form over supplying the e-mail address is that spammers and bots will not be able to flood the inbox.

    To make the site more effective from the point of view of marketing we included the following features:

    • The website was built with good SEO practices

    • In order to make the site informative we added the content that may be interesting for users of any age category

    • Four languages are available - English, Russian, Belarusian, German

    • The social media icons were added in the footer for the quick search of the project accounts in social networks

    To make sure that the site operates in accordance with the requirements for the customer the Team performed detailed testing and bug-fixing.

    As a result the Development Team created the site for the project in accordance with all the requirements of the Customer. The main page has unique design elements and is easy in navigation.

    Innowise Group developed a search engine friendly website according to the best web standards. The website visitors have a great experience no matter what types of devices they are using – desktop, tablet or mobile.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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