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  • Website for a storage solutions company

    Redeveloping a website for a company provides a storage solutions

    Project Overview

    The challenge for our Development Team was to redevelop a website for a company based in Europe that provides a storage solutions. On the site users can book a storage for their things when they move or want to declutter their homes.

    The Customer and the Development Team agreed on two-stage development plan for the project.

    Stage 1  - to define the customer funnel with a new home page and booking process.

    Stage 2  - to develop site product pages for paid search and organic ranking.


    What Was Done

    Stage 1: Customer funnel

    • Clear c2a was inserted on home landing page image to begin booking process

    • 3x icons were placed and new content was put on the site to describe the product more clearly on the homepage

    • We made the booking process based on Boxman (alternative to self storage) to reduce the amount of clicks and bounce rate

    • Mobile version on the site was optimized

    Stage 2: Content/SEO/PPC

    • Older pages were developed with new content, we put new icons and made easy access to customer funnel - similar to the home page. These pages were optimised for organic ranking and paid search. These pages include: business storage, student storage, London storage, clothes storage, temporary storage

    • The Development Team created ‘Compare Storage Prices’ page

    Previous booking process on the site was long and clumsy. We made the process easier and reduced the booking process to as minimal clicks and stages, with minimal exit points for the user.This is based on Boxman where the user does not need to scroll - they simply select what they want.

    The Customer needed to create better content on the site to help rank their primary services and direct PPC traffic.

    These pages were made to act as the homepage.

    The pages include:

    1. Student storage

    2. Business storage

    3. London storage

    4. Clothes storage

    5. Secure storage

    All five pages have a postcode C2A placed on the landing page image. The number to call the office team also was displayed on the landing page image.

    We also implemented online payment functionality on the website.

    Users also can register in a regular way and via social networks (Facebook, Google+).

    The Development Team also made a new feature in the admin panel - automated distribution of mail.  

    Our specialists worked on both frontend and backend parts, improved registration process on the site, developed booking and other functionality, implemented integration with the payment system Adyen.


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