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  • WordPress website with responsive design for a football club

    The objective of the project was to develop a website for a 2015/16 Premier League campaign of a professional football club.

    Project Overview

    The objective of the project was to develop a website for a 2015/16 Premier League campaign of a professional football club. The website should engage football club fans and sports fans in general through a gaming section integrated with football statistics and a special section about the most famous and astonishing gaming moments in the history of the club (goals, assists, etc.). In the section about famous moments there should be a voting mechanism for users to choose their favourite gaming moments.

    The website should also strengthen the brand message of a famous logistics company which is an official partner of the football club. So, the gaming section for fans should be branded with the logo of the logistics company.

    The Customer provided the following requirements:

    • The website includes three main sections: gaming section, section about famous gaming moments, and a social feed;

    • The website has a responsive design and adapts to mobile devices;

    • WordPress CMS integration;

    • Integration of the 3rd party football statistics service Squawka;

    • Google Analytics integration.



    What Was Done

    The Innowise Group Team implemented such functionality and features as:

    • Match countdown timer with CMS driven match title and a counter which provide the admin with the possibility to input the title and the starting date/time of the next match. The countdown timer counts down days, hours, and minutes left before the next match.
    • Gaming section with a “Play now” widget for a game, introductory text, and four content types (preview, review, statistics, and prizes):
    • Preview and review sections are separate WordPress pages. On desktop and tablet, by clicking on “Read full preview/review” the content of this pages is shown as an overlay page on the right side of the homepage. On mobile, a separate page with a header and footer is displayed;
    • Statistics content is an image gallery in a form of a slider. By clicking on thumb image, its larger version appears as an overlay on the homepage;
    • Prizes content is a separate WordPress page. On the homepage there is an introduction panel with a video widget. The video can be enlarged as an overlay on the homepage. By clicking on the “Tell me more” button an overlay page with prizes content will appear on the right side of the homepage. On mobile, this opens a separate page with a header and footer.
    • Section about the most famous gaming moments that includes up to 6 subcategories (for goals, passes, assists, etc.) and has voting functionality. Each subcategory has 4 states: “preview”, “voting”, “winner”, and “review”.
    • Subcategories can have two types of content: a gallery with images and video or a voting panel. Admin can add two options for users to vote for any of the options in each of 6 subcategories. User is allowed to vote only once. The plugin which allows one vote per IP address is used to achieve this.
    • Social media panel that consists of several Twitter feeds and has up to 3 columns depending on the screen width. It scales down to one column on mobile devices.
    • “Terms and Conditions” page. By clicking on the link in the footer, the page is shown as an overlay on the right side of the homepage.


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