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  • Web tool for medical specialists

    Web tool for medical specialists with recommendations from experts

    Project Overview

    The challenge was to create a web tool for medical specialists about a specific disease used by a doctor when he/she needs recommendations from experts on how to treat a patient. Innowise Group had to build the product from scratch, including selecting the appropriate technology, planning, development and testing. General requirements to the site structure were provided by the Customer.

    When a doctor has a patient with this disease and doubts what treatment to choose, he goes to the web tool, fills a form with all required information about the patient. Then the case is validated by the web tool's director who assigns it to an area coordinator.

    The area coordinator assigns it then to 2 experts who will both give recommendations to the doctor on how to treat the patient.

    The aim is to have a tool as simple and ergonomic as possible. Doctors are not always used to internet, therefore it has to be very intuitive.

    As a result of the initial analysis, it was decided to implement the product in Drupal CMS, as it's quite standard, common, and fills the requirements. The design of all the steps and forms of the platform is quite simple.


    What Was Done

    Users of different roles have different permissions. Users rights levels:

    • admin (4-5 pers.)

    • director (2 pers.)

    • area coordinator (4-8 pers.)

    • expert (15 pers)

    • doctor (up to 200)

    All admin, director, area coordinator and expert accounts will be manually created by admin members. Doctors will have to be able to create their own account through the tool with a dedicated form.

    All cases have defined status depending on the workflow's steps. At each status' change an email is sent to the doctor and/or expert and/or area coordinator/director. Depending on its status and the user’s rights, each case has a number of actions possible.

    The main screens are :

    • homepage (explanation texts and images + log in form);

    • dashboard, where the user lands once logged in, and where he sees the list of cases he filled or which were assigned to him. Each case is defined by an ID, a creation date, a validation date, doctor's name, country, status, assigned coordinator and/or expert. Each list's column can be sorted or filtered. Next to each case there are actions you can do (edit, assign, delete, export);

    • case details, access to the form with all fields, possibility to assign it (depending on permissions), possibility to export it (export form's results in PDF);
    • form, to fill patient's specifications. The main form is a long list of questions (about 150), divided in sections. It contains yes/no answer options, and some conditional fields (i.e., if yes, then other fields appear).

    The tool is in several languages, the design is based on Twitter bootstrap elements.

    After a year or so of usage the РЎustomer requested adaptation of the platform to the cross border cases management.

    The following changes were implemented:

    • a new role of National Program Manager was introduced;

    • the possibility to submit a new cross-border case was added;

    • the system logic was changed;

    • a number of email messages and forms were adapted.

    The cross border cases management has to support 3 sets of functionalities, based on the different use cases.

    • After the treating clinician from country A fills the form with the patient information, it is sent to National Program Manager. NPM has to find the original clinician from country B.
    • A clinician from a country A has provided a diagnosis and a treatment to a patient from a country B, who needs/wants now to continue treatment back to his home country.
    • The treating clinician needs to inform the NTPM of country B for tracing and screening the patient contacts (parents, relative, friends, etc) through the country.

    It should be possible to link a NPM user to more than one country.

    The team has successfully developed the platform according to the Customer’s requirements, and performed extensive testing to ensure smooth performance. There is a user friendly and convenient UI with good usability properties, intuitively clear to users of any level of computer skills.

    The platform is a convenient tool which helps doctors to help each other treating patients, thus exchanging experience.

    The work of the admins can be easily performed, with no embarrassment. At the moment we continue  supporting the platform, adding new minor improvements on Customer’s request.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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