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Vehicle tracking solution

Vehicle tracking solution

Project Overview

The main solution functionality is to track the movement of vehicle flow, count number of cars and their speed, and to detect types of vehicles.

The primary place for tracking cameras were billboards so it was required that the solution should be flexible to camera position so that the changes of view angles would not affect tracking quality.

The system used specialized hardware (cameras and optics) and worked with high-resolution video.


What Was Done


• Scientifically developed special algorithms which helped to create solution for low positioned billboard-mounted cameras tracking thick vehicle flows

• Vehicle tracker, allowing to gather information about vehicle flow, including car count in different periods of time, speed of vehicles, etc. Vehicle type recognition for better flow tracking

• Silver Light vehicle-tracking portal. Camera locations are shown as overlays on different kinds of maps (Microsoft earth, Google maps, open-street maps, etc.). Status can be fetched from each individual camera

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