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    A custom data management platform for customer's truck fleet with a miscellaneous feature set.

    Project Overview


    Our client is a large German transport company that has been in the trucking industry for over 20 years. 

    Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


    The customers' analyst team found that the company's internal processes, namely the truck fleet management system, needed improvement and digitalization. Since all reporting and accounting of the company's vehicle fleet was carried out in Excel and separate files, employees spent a lot of their working time entering information, compiling reports, compiling analytics, etc. Data loss, human errors, the lack of transparency of the data management system, inconvenience of use - all this hindered the company's development. 

    That's why the customer needed to develop and implement a custom data management system for their truck fleet with a miscellaneous feature set. The main project's objective was to digitize internal processes, thus increasing the employee's effectiveness,  improving data transparency, and facilitating the business decision-making process. Also, our client wanted to integrate the platform with the internal systems to ensure smooth data flow within them and streamline working processes


    What Was Done


    Innowise Group has developed and implemented a truck fleet management platform from scratch. The designed web app provides employees with two primary functional modules that allow record keeping, control, and analytics of the company's truck fleet.

    Truck fleet management software

    The developed solution consists of two main modules that provide specific functions for data management purposes.

    Module 1 is designed to keep track of the company's vehicle fleet. Within the module, one can generate detailed reports on the truck operation, view analytics, search for the necessary information about the vehicle's status, namely location, date of last maintenance, responsible mechanic, etc. The platform dramatically simplifies the work of all employees since all information is available in a few clicks due to a system of customizable filters. 

    Truck fleet and logistics management solution

    Also, Module 1 provides functionality to streamline the new vehicle procurement procedure. For example, a branch manager finds out on the basis of reports that a truck unit (or a semi-trailer, a low bed trailer, etc.) is missing on a freight project, or transport will soon become unusable. Then the branch manager can use the system to find a replacement within the company facilities or apply for the purchase of a new truck. Then, the request goes to all parties that must approve it to start the purchase procedure. One can track the request stage during the approval process, what specialist evaluates a purchase need and particular deadlines.

    Module 1 also facilitates reporting for truck fleet managers, as they can fill out reports on maintenance and technical condition of vehicles directly in the web application.

    Truck management software

    Module 2 is dedicated to freight project management. Employees enter data on upcoming and current long-term contracts and attach specific vehicles to them. Based on the information entered, one can track the actual payback of the project, control reports on specific shipments, and calculate the KPI of employees, etc.


    Considering all the client's requirements and the project's specifics, we proposed Kanban as a software development lifecycle methodology. As for the communication tool, the customer offered to use Microsoft Teams. Based on our rich experience in developing various web applications and data management systems, our team suggested the most suitable tech stack.

    Truck fleet management system

    The project workflow is organized as follows. Our team is involved in the truck fleet management system development and the gradual implementation of new platform functions depending on the customer's needs. On the other hand, the customer undertakes to test each feature in their particular internal business processes and workflows.

    Also, since the effectiveness of the developed system directly depends on the manually entered data, our team has drawn up instructions for training employees to use the truck fleet management platform.


    • 1 Frontend Developer
    • 1 Backend Developer
    • 1 Business Analyst
    • 1 Project Manager
    • 1 UI/UX Designer


    2020 - Ongoing


    • Backend: .Net, ASP.NET Core, RavenDB
    • Frontend: React, Material UI, React Form Hooks, TypeScript


    Over the past year of the project, Innowise Group's team has developed from scratch and implemented a truck fleet management system consisting of two functional modules. Already for a short time of use, our client noted an increase in staff efficiency, an improvement in the quality of reports, and the transparency of internal processes. Also, the developed platform made it possible to establish a transparent system for checking the truck maintenance and calculating the payback. The employees themselves acclaimed the user-friendliness of the truck management platform, and its rich functionality that allows them to spend their working time more effectively. 

    Currently, our team continues to work on the project. We plan to enrich the web application with new functions and expand integration with the client's internal systems.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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