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  • Travel Guide App With Augmented Reality

    The application allows visiting old ruined historical sites in an Augmented Reality format

    Project Overview

    The Travel Guide App is a source of information about current events, past phenomenon, history and real-life information. It contains audio-visual content which is aimed to “renovate” old historical places and sites. With the help of a virtual map and a connected GPS tracker, the user can navigate around the ruined historical sites and view the architecture of the buildings as well as listen to the stories dedicated to the location.

    The team's work focused on creating commercial content for customers. In order to take a photo with an Augmented Reality object, it is necessary to subscribe to the app. The resulting photos can be shared on social media pages with family and friends.

    The Travel Guide App is a good companion for travellers who like to learn everything on their own.

    What Was Done

    Our main task was to design a web API from scratch for the web application version. This creation allows application administrators to use data repeatedly and identify a way to distribute paid content (points of interest, media information and etc.). 

    To meet the challenge and design a unique custom-oriental solution we divided the tasks into several stages. Overall we’ve done: 

    • Setting up environments in the Azure cloud from scratch. 
    • Designing the database structure and its access layer.
    • Language localization of data in the database
    • Interaction with Facebook and Google APIs for Google and Facebook login
    • Interaction with Apple and Google APIs to support in-app purchases. 

    Now the client is planning to develop a web portal for administration and content management in the application.

    On this project, our specialists dealt with back-end (API) infrastructure. Our team has been working on the Scrum methodology. Each sprint was approved by the customer before the start. Besides, we used to have daily standups in written form for status updates.

    Project team: 3 developers, 1 PM;
    Technology: .NET Core 3.1, WebAPI, MSSQL, EF Core, Azure BLOB Storage, Swagger, Google, Apple & Facebook public APIs, Serilog;
    Tools for task tracking and management: Gitlab, Slack, Trello.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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