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  • The platform offers users discount coupons

    The platform offers discount coupons and allows users purchase discount coupons for goods and services.

    Project Overview

    The challenge for the Development Team was to create a platform based on Yii2 framework. The platform should allow users to get/purchase discount coupons for goods and services. The platform should include 3 applications: 2 web applications and 1 REST API application.

    Each application was meant to work for different user roles: administrator (possibility to edit all info), service-provider (possibility to add and edit their own info, user (has access to application).​​​​​



    What Was Done

    The  Development Team implemented the following:

    • MVC development

    • REST API development

    Admin panel

    The main objective of the admin panel is to control the accounts service providers, create and administrate actions service providers. The admin panel also contains information about users’ accounts (emails, passwords, names, phone numbers) and users registration dates in the mobile application.

    Service-provider cabinet

    The service provider cabinet is intended for monitoring [not editing] of sales promotions and processing of applications from users. At the time of activation of the coupon, service provider receives notification with the unique application number, user name, his/her phone number and date/time of actiovation.

    Several pages are also available here:

    • List of  promo campaigns
    • List of applications (=activated coupons) of one promo campaign


    The application is meant for obtaining coupons on discounts. The registration is carried out by means of the e-mail address, name, password and phone number. Users have an opportunity to choose category in which they want to receive the coupon. All used and active coupons remain and this option allows users to get information fast. Coupons may be of two types – billable and free of charge.

    General algorithm of interaction

    • An administrator creates a promo campaign in the admin panel, fills it with content and publishes in the application.
    • A user finds a promo campaign in the application, activates it and gets the application number and the message "Service provider will contact you in the nearest time". If the coupon is billable, the user proceeds payment and gets confirmation.
    • At the time of activation of the coupon by the user service provider receives the application in the cabinet. The application contains phone and user name, the application number and the name of a promo campaign.
    • Service provider contacts the user and specifies conditions of use of the coupon

    The application

    The application is the main instrument of interaction with users. The main logic С€is the following –> a user is registered in the application (enters name and a phone number)  –> chooses a promo campaign –> activates a discount coupon.

    Both free coupons and billable ones are available for the user. Payment is maintaied via writing off of amounts from the user’s GSM account.

    Screen 1 of the application - Registration/Loading screes

    Registration screen  – a user enters phone number + name

    Screen 2 of the application - Main screen

    On this screen the main mechanism of the choice of coupons is realized. A user may  twist the roller and choose a category and a coupon. At swipe the user will enter an inner page of the coupon with discription.

    Screen 3 of the application - Inner page of the coupon

    Inner page of the coupon:

    • Discription of a promo campaign

    • Cost (if a coupon is billable)

    • Phone nubmer of a contact person

    The following functions are available here:

    • Activation of the coupon (button)

    • Payment of the coupon (only for billable coupons)

    Payment is maintaied via writing off of amounts from the user’s GSM account. Payment for coupons can also be realized via cash card.

    Screen 4 of the application -  History of coupons

    The screen shows the list of the used and active coupons of a user.


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