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AR application Smart exhibition planning

AR application Smart exhibition planning

Project Overview

The objective was to create an Augmented Reality Application which would visualize real life size art objects in the gallery surroundings. AR Application - Smart Exhibition Planning is aimed to facilitate the process of exhibition planning at the stage of preparation of placement of certain art objects on the walls of a museum.

By means of Smart Exhibition Planning Application we visualize images, when the camera of a portable device captures the marker, which is placed on the wall. The image is recalculated to the real-size format and AR platform Vuforia generates an image which is projected on the wall of the presupposed exhibitional surrounding (wall of a galley or showroom). 

What Was Done

The image stays in the screen of your smartphone as long as the marker stays in the camera frame. Middle level cameras allow the image to pertain within the distance up to 3 meters from the marker. The application smoothes the movement of the device to prevent the image from shaking. The user also has the possibility to scale the image up or down, as well as rotate it with a 90o step. 

As a result we can plan clearly the exhibition and the arrangement of real art objects in the exhibition space.

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