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  • Responsive website with animations

    Responsive design website introducing a mobile application for healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

    Project Overview

    The goal of this project was to create a responsive design website introducing a mobile application for healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

    The Customer’s requirements were the following:

    • The website has a responsive design that adapts to the devices of visitors (desktops, tablets, and mobile phones);

    • The website consists of a Homepage and several interior pages: (About us, Contact us, Сookie policy, Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, and Page 404);

    • The homepage is a page with multiple animations that have to work smoothly and efficiently across different devices and platforms; the animations also have to be efficient on weaker connections;

    • About us and сontact us pages are standard pages with a banner, text, static images, and a mail form;

    • The mail form has to be integrated with a MailChimp account, and the website has to be linked to Google analytics;

    • The website has to be built with good SEO practices;

    • The site is based on Drupal 7 CMS.


    What Was Done

    The development process included such tasks as:

    • Image files slicing and responsive web pages creation with CSS3/HTML5;

    • Pixel perfect development;

    • Adaptation of graphics for displays with high pixel density (e. g. Retina);

    • Developing pages with parallax scrolling effect;

    • Creating animated circles, iPhone and Apple watch animation and sliders as a part of design;

    • Building interior pages (About us, Contact us, etc.);

    • SEO and integration with Google analytics;

    • Newsletter and MailChimp integration.

    The Team performed very detailed testing (including testing on Retina displays) and bug-fixing. The Innowise Group Team developed the website in time with all the features requested by the Customer. The website has great overall user-experience, is effective and easy to use across devices. All animation works well, what makes the design look dynamic and visually appealing. The website is in a launch ready state and was released for the Customer’s review.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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