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  • Responsive Magento 2 online shop

    Responsive Magento online shop for a company that sells building materials

    Project Overview

    The task for the Development Team was to develop a responsive Magento online shop for a company that sells building materials. Magento was chosen by the customer as the preferred platform.

    The current website of the customer was outdated and a new e-commerce site with CMS was equired to replace it with the functionality to support new products and digital marketing activity.

    The design and functionality were intended to maximise the user experience and contribute to maximising sales through e-commerce.

    Key objectives of the project:

    • to introduce up to date material;

    • to design responsive website;

    • to develop additional functionality and ability to manage products and transact sales. New site should allow client the ability to add and manage stock as required in the simplest way and be user friendly for UK and Australia.

    The site content includes:  

    Home page:

    • Message/Image slider - 4-6 images/messages

    • Newsletter subscription

    Contact page:

    • Google map

    • Contact form with anti-spam



    What Was Done

    About page:

    • Meet the team

    • History

    There are 4 main product categories and approximately 2000 products including product variables and options. 

    Product page includes:

    • Filter where a user may include characteristics of product (color, size)

    • Slider with available product

    • Block with product description

    • Block with slider with comments/reviews

    Checkout pages:

    • Popular products feed

    • Custom checkout steps

    • Postcode/Address lookup function for entering customer’s address details

    The website works smoothly, and the traffic is growing, contributing towards the success of the company.

    The site has great overall user-experience and for the moment, the website and a brand of the company is well known in the market.


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