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  • Racing team website with responsive design

    Website for a new racing team, which would contain comprehensive information about the team

    Project Overview

    The objective of the project was to create a website for a new racing team, which would contain comprehensive information about the team, its members, and the team’s activities.

    The end-user wanted to see a quick, nice-looking website that features up-to-date technologies and could be viewed on any modern device.



    What Was Done

    The features of the site:

    • Home page which features a main screen slider with top articles and other blocks which can also be accessible from the navigation bar. Four latest news and videos are pulled from the news and the video feeds each with the most recent showed in a different, more appealing manner.
    • About page, which has basic information about the team in general and it’s top managers
    • News page which features a paginated tiled array of latest news which can be filtered by a certain tag, selected from a dropdown menu. Each such tile shows a picture and a header and displays a brief story preview on hover. Particular news story has a header which can be populated by an image or a HTML5 Video that plays on repeat, a page sharing widget and the news story itself, with the possibility to add images or streamed videos.
    • Videos page, which has basically the same functionality
    • Team Info page, which has a tiled array of links to the personal information page of the team members. The tiles may rearrange depending on the number of personnel listed in each category (drivers, test drivers, management)
    • Personal Info page features a header (which features some basic infographic for drivers), a page sharing widget, profile preview, career milestones preview, both of which can be expanded and a carousel of images related to this particular team member
    • Sponsors page which lists a categorized tiled array of external links to the team partners’ sites.
    • Contact page with the contact information of the team’s offices and a basic feedback form.

    We implemented a responsive design that allows to comfortably view the site using both desktop and mobile browsers.

    The site content scales flexibly to accommodate any window size user might want to choose to adapt to mobile view at the point where further scaling is no more appropriate. The latter also applies to desktop viewing.




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