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  • Creation of 3D engine driven subsite

    Project on creation of 3D engine driven subsite for packaging products

    Project Overview

    The objective was to create a 3D Engine-driven subsite for packaging products of a specific manufacturer.

    3D Engine allows to the creation of 3D models of packaging shapes without having any 3D modeling software on the client side. Given a 3D model of package shape the user can download a 2D template thereof and add artwork he needs to be recreated. Then the design is uploaded back online for the engine to create the 3D model of the design.

    The user wanted to be able to create a full range of its products – both standard and special. Special products shall have a special status and be available to particular users with specific rights.

    The products are created by administrator from the subsite front-end. Once a product is created the administrators can give access to the products to their customers. In future the user may possibly want to give access to create new product variants to the customers.

    A flexible framework has been developed for creation of subsites without extensive programming. Based on this framework a subsite has been created to reflect all the customer’s needs. It basically has the same structure as the upper level site.


    What Was Done

    The main features are the following:

    • General information

    • Product libraries of packaging shapes

    • A form for uploading new packaging shapes to the library.

    • A page for administration of products

    • Product search

    The main page only has basic functions for the user who logged in. 

    Products are created either from eight standard templates using a dedicated form, where the creator fills in the necessary design options or through a particular procedure for special products as it requires. 

    The product is then uploaded to the main site, stored in the dedicated Private library and synchronized immediately with the subsite. Products created from a certain template are grouped in the template profile.Products are organized in a number of Private Libraries with limited access. All created products are put in the Default Private Library and then be placed in other Libraries.

    Library administrator may permit other users to view the created products by sending such user an invite via email. Additionally the administrator has the possibility to give such users permission to create new products or grant them permission to send invites further on.

    Product properties may be viewed via a mouse-over notification or in the product page, where 2D templates can be downloaded or modified 2D templates can be uploaded back into the system for processing.

    The main site and the subsites use the following plugins:

    • Customized WooCommerce plugin which is used for upload/download of templates and ready made designs

    • Customized Gravity Forms plugin which is used for registration and templates upload

    • WP Email Template PRO

    • A number of custom plugins

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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