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Project for jewelry webshop

Project for jewelry and silver utensils online webshop

Project Overview

The Development Team implemented the part of the project for jewelry and silver utensils online webshop. 

The goal of this project was to make adjustments on the site that would allow the product from the site to be configured with the certain field by characters. The task was also to make product view.



What Was Done

The Development Team Implemented the following tasks:

  • Added input-field, taken with the item into the shopping basket, order-mail and in the backend with the Magento orders

  • Wrote the script for updating of existing products

  • Made validation for new field

  • Made the front end of the site

The results of the project:

  • Product page of the site has new input-field with predetermined behaviour

  • The site has a script, which allows to update all products by adding this field to each of them.

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