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  • Product catalogue management system

    Product catalogue management system

    Project Overview

    The project is a system for managing product catalogues.

    The system allows its users to update information on the products and services available for the customers, and that information would be updated and immediately available to all parties involved (sales departments, online stores, etc.)


    What Was Done

    The challenge for the Innowise Group team was to become part of an 8 piece team, which was charged with the task of global refactoring and optimization of the existing system.

    Our specialists have been involved in the following tasks:

    • Refactoring and optimization of importing and exporting catalogs to bmecat2005 and Excel formats;

    • Optimization of catalog deletion, both full and partial;

    • Optimization and refactoring of the catalogue statistics (numerical catalog metrics: the overall item number, number of sections, items in each of those sections, etc.);

    • Refactoring of catalog automatic backup mechanism;

    • Minor bug fixing.

    The team is continuing work on optimization and minor improvements with the sights to be part of the team, which will develop the next version of the product.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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