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  • Platform for service management tools

    Platform for service management tools

    Project Overview

    The goal of the project was to make the improvements and add additional functionality to the platform for service management tools, where vendors can register and add their products.

    Users can fill in the questionnaire and get all the information about the available software products for service management - whether IT service management, enterprise service management or industrial service management with product comparison, manufacturer overview, product details, which fit the most.

    The platform has three types of users:

    • Vendors  (Producers of software)

    • User (Companies which are in search of necessary software)

    • Admin and Partners (Administrate the platform)

    What Was Done

    Before the implementation of the project the Development Team made the investigate of the current code, provided by the customer, and made the plan of work and improvements.

    The Development Team implemented the following:

    Possibility of registration and  profile management for Vendor and User.

    User profile consists of pages:

    • Saved search requests with requirements to products

    • Password recovery page

    • Registration info management page

    Vendor profile consists of pages:

    • Saved search requests with requirements to products

    • Password recovery page

    • Registration info management page

    • The company information management page

    • The products information management page

    Possibility of adding new Vendors and various types of information about Vendors, including the information about products offered by Vendors.

    Data about Vendor is the following list of fields:

    • Logo of the company

    • Presentation/Catalogues etc.

    • Links to the networks etc. of Vendor

    • Files for downloading

    • Contact information

    • General information about Vendor

    Possibility of adding new products and various type of information about  them.

    Data about products is the following list of fields:

    • Complete description

    • Short description

    • Information about  the license

    • Advantages

    • Description of functionality

    • Reviews of a product

    • Technical information

    • Services

    Possibility of editing information about the company and offered products for Vendor.

    Possibility for the User to select an optimum product in accordance with the requirements.

    According to User’s requirements the application analyses and checks all products for suitability and returns the result of comparison immediately.

    It is presented as the list of the products sorted by the most complying the requirements. The sorting is maintained by means of filters on used processes, entered data, quantity and many more.

    Admin and Partners have the following possibilities:

    • Analysis of User’s search requirements

    • Statistics is saved in the separate database for avoiding performance decreasing

    • A possibility of exporting the statistics to the file


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