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  • Platform for organizing travel groups

    Platform for organizing travel groups to buy train tickets cheaper

    Project Overview

    The challenge for the Development Team was to create the platform for organizing travel for groups of people, which will provide the opportunity to buy train tickets cheaper than at its full price.

    Traveling by train is expensive in some countries, but every day millions of people use trains. Often people travel along the same route every day, week, month. At the same time train tickets in some countries are very expensive for one person, but if you travel in groups, the price can be halved.

    The idea of the platform was to create a convenient service with the ability to organize groups of people who travel the same way and thereby reduce the price of the train tickets. The target audience are students and people who travel by train every day: on work, on business, who live in villages and work in the city.  

    The main project components:

    • Web service

    • Back-end

    • Admin panel


    What Was Done

    The following was implemented:

    • Search of available routes in the cities with date/time and quantity of free seats

    • Best offers (popular routes with the best prices) with filter on the city and date/time

    • Information output about the route with the prices for adult and teenage tickets

    • Integration with API SNCF (state management of railway station)

    • Localization: FR and EN

    • Authorization/registration (native or via facebook), password reset

    • Private user area

    • F.A.Q. with categories of questions

    • Generation of invitation to PDF

    • Slider of users’ reviews

    • System of rating of passengers (common, silver, golden)

    • Feedback/response about the poolleader

    • History of trips

    • Payment by credit cards with a possibility of the reservation and return of means

    • E-mail notifications about registration, payment and other actions

    • The admin panel with the editor of translations (localization)

    Several types of users is available at the platform (service):

    • The User is the person who is looking for the groups of co-travelers in order to join them and buy a group ticket for the required route

    • The Leader is the person who organizes the group of co-travelers, gets a group ticket and gathers the group in order to pass the train control

    • The Admin is the person who has the access to the admin panel and can change the available information in the portal

    On the main page the user can:

    • Find the best offers and pick out the most suitable one

    • Choose the route and the date of traveling, the type (the adult or the young) and number of passengers

    • See almost complete offers (best offers)

    • Find out about the advantages and get the general information about the service

    • Read the users’ reviews

    • See the detailed information about the offer after clicking on it (the date, the number of train, the time of departure and arrival, the route duration, the info about the pool leader, number and prices of available tickets, the price and the commission of the selected types of tickets, the percentage of successful group gathering on this route and time)

    • Reserve the place in the group

    • Create a new group if there is no groups for the specific route and time

    • See similar routes if there aren’t any specific offer for the route he/she is looking for

    Log in and sign up

    The Development Team made the possibility for the user to sign in via e-mail address and social network Facebook.

    Profile of the user

    The user can add or edit the information about him/her: sex, first name, last name, email, password, date of birth, photo and phone number.

    The non-activated user can receive the email with the link of activation and after following it the user can create a profile. After the profile is being created the user may add his/her payment card. The user can get a golden or a silver status in dependence of the number of travelings. The user can see the history of the groups, in which he/she takes part with the status of gathered or not gathered.

    In accordance with the Customer’s requirements the Team introduced the opportunity to create an empty profile while adding more passengers without email and password. This profile will contain only ID.

    Join a travel group

    The user can see the detailed information about the offer and the pool leader. The user can delete information about himself/herself in the process of the reservation if he/she won’t be a passenger.

    The user can add more than one passenger. The user can’t leave the group if he/she has joined one. The user can see the main information about the trip before the payment. The user can leave the feedback about the pool leader after the traveling.


    The leader is the user who creates the new group for the same route. The leader is responsible for tickets and communication with the group of travelers.

    The leader can create a new group after choosing the route of travel, add information about himself/herself.

    After creating the group the amount equal to the cost of the ticket is frozen on the specified card of the pool leader, and after joining the group this amount is frozen on the cards of the joined passengers. It stays frozen until the group gathering deadline. If the group is complete the amount is debited from the cards of the passengers of the group. PDF-file with the information from CONFIRMATION and the phone number of the leader is generated and sent to all the participants of the group.

    A group ticket is sent to the pool leader. If the group isn’t complete until the deadline the amount is unfrozen on the cards of the passengers of the group.
    The payment is maintained by means of Stripe service.

    Admin panel

    The admin can edit the information of the portal and choose the period of calculation of the percentage of successful group gathering on the specific route and time. The admin can make the deadline of gathering the group less than the train company gives. The admin can change the sum of commission.

    E-mail flow

    The user receives email when:

    • The user has created an account

    • The user has created a group

    • The user has become the member of the group

    • The group is complete (with the payment confirmation and invitation for the travel)

    • The group is canceled

    • The user is offered to stay a review for the pool leader after the traveling

    As a result the Customer received the platform (service) for organizing travel groups, which provides the opportunity to buy train tickets cheaper than at its full price.

    The Development Team followed the specification and developed the site in accordance with all the requirements of the Customer.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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