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  • Orders management service

    Orders management service facilitates the management of all orders that result from any purchase

    Project Overview

    The main challenge for the Development Team was to develop a centralized web service that facilitates the management of all orders that result from any purchase made through one of the brand portal web stores.

    All brand portals & web stores are integrated and synchronised with the Hub through implementation of the API that facilitates smooth communication between the separate platforms.

    The tasks of the project were the following:

    • All changes which appear on a brand portals had to be displayed on a hub

    • There had to be an opportunity to make changes in the data on a web portals

    • The customer wanted to have a possibility of printing of warehouse and transport documents

    • There had to be different levels of access for different accounts

    • Display of different level of stock balance of access for the different countries

    • Possibility to group and export data on orders and goods




    What Was Done

    The Development Team of the company implemented the site with the required functionality and content. During the development process, the Customer made changes and amendments to the requirements for the system. The Development Team quickly reacted to new requirements, developed and introduced the required functionality.

    The following was done by the Development Team of the company:

    • The original plugin which provides interaction of the Hub with shops was developed

    • We developed the hub interface where the user can obtain information on the necessary order or a product

    • The feature for printing of warehouse documents was implemented

    • The feature for printing of transport documents was implemented

    • The system allowing to update data using summary tables with price tags, codes of locations and the warehouse rests was introduced

    • We also implemented the system which monitors all changes of the orders statuses and history of these changes

    Thanks to the developed system, the Customer can effectively operate retail network, warehouse stocks, and exercise control over the processes.

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