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Online courses website

Web-portal with online courses

Project Overview

The objective was to create the full-functional web portal with online courses on the site, which provide accessible, interactive learning experiences in the areas of health, relationships, success and personal growth. The site should be fully responsive and have all necessary functionality related to online learning.

The team of our specialists implemented the full-functional web portal with online courses. Our team implemented both front-end and back-end work.

The user of the portal can browse articles created by trainers, get to know about the services provided by the –°enter, select the trainers, listen to meditation music online, watch videos, look through upcoming events and participate in them, enroll and participate in online courses, organized by the portal.

The site is responsive with 2 break points - Tablet (iPad portrait) and Mobile phone.



What Was Done

Main functionality on the site includes:

  • Ads Module for advertising products related to healthy wellbeing can be posted.

  • Newsletter Sign-up Module.

  • Program Categories Filter, Experience Level Filter and Date filter.

  • Event Calendar - section which allows to show all the upcoming events. Calendar default filters to Month view. User can zoom in to week / day. When a user registers for a course, the calendar automatically pulls in all dates / times relevant to that course: Any part of a Course that is a “timed event” (Live Call, Session Open, Test deadline) is here.

  • Module – Course Notification. There are 3 identified types of notifications that will be sent to users once they have registered for an online course. Notifications are by default also sent to the user’s associated email address.

  • Search option: search results are filtered based on the content type on the site.

  • Single Sign On session and user authentication service.

  • Integration with Magento solution for buying wellness specific products online.

  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for holding Webcasts/Webinars online (Program functionality).

  • Anchor links were implemented and lead to the required section on the page. Major areas are anchor linked.

  • Admin functionality : admin is be able to see subsets of users in a course and send notifications to that subset (for example, users who have not completed a task by a due date) . Admin is able to see “opens” by each user on each message.

In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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