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  • Medication management application

    Medication management application allows person to manage, track and check new medications in real-time

    Project Overview

    It is complete medication management system which allows person to manage, track and check new medications in real-time and then send that report directly to the doctor prior to prescribing a new drug.

    The app helps match patient’s meds and dosages to the human body, eliminate adverse drug reactions, to identify potential drug allergies and warns patient about dangerous effects on pre existing illnesses.

    The system automatically helps to enhance the quality of life by providing real-time information on medications and how they could react to person’s specific health profile and genetic makeup.


    What Was Done

    Prior to taking a new medication person simply scan the product barcode or enter the name into the app or on the website and it instantly analyzes it by accessing multiple leading healthcare databases and then compares the results to your specific health profile.

    The result is a real-time report on how that medication could affect person that he can then easily share with the physician prior to writing the prescription so that the doctor can make the absolute best prescribing decision.

    Then the app automatically adds any prescribed medication or medication that could have a negative effect on person’s health to his health profile so that it can be used for all future medication requests.

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