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  • Website for a consulting company

    Website for a management consulting company provides effective solutions for business development

    Project Overview

    The project was prdered by the company provides effective solutions for business development (branching out, improving shortcoming, etc.) for small, medium and large enterprises.

    The Customer provided requirements to the site structure:

    • The overall style is the "cloud" design, similar to ios7 for iPhone and Google's product line. It was planned that the site would contain lots of tabular data, CVs of consultants, their own works (articles, studies, internal interviews), performed projects – and each of these documents should be tagged according to various criteria.

    • All information in the system shall be clearly structured – there should be no feeling of chaos, but the site shouldn’t look boring either.

    • Customer requirements also included avoiding stereotyped patterns.

    • Clarity of tabulation. A data arrangement system “in blocks” is preferable – with different "information window" separated by borders or filling with colour.

    The Customer provided general design concepts, including: 

    • General requests and links to websites that may be used for inspiration. The basic principles of building the website are clarity and elegance at the same time;

    • A corporate font;

    • A palette of standard colours of the Company (white, light-blue, dark-blue, purple; including orange or Burgundy used for highlighting).

    For work on this project a Business Analyst/PM (participated in the development of Technical Specification, arranged communication with the customer, effective workflow in the team), designer, web developer, and QA specialist were involved.


    What Was Done

    As a result of the analysis, it was decided to implement the site structure based on the following first-order pages:

    • Home page

    • About us

    • Competence and Services

    • Business Domains

    • Projects and testimonials

    • News and Opinions

    Our designer created layouts for all pages and subpages of the site, a favicon. We implemented “pushed-in effect” buttons and slight shining behind them.

    Information relating to different business areas is highlighted with the specified colours (corporate colors).

    The following features were implemented:

    • dynamic three-level menu;

    • map with the geographic footprint, which is an active hyperlink to the contact page;

    • slider on the Homepage with slogans and thematic images, the possibility to change pictures for each service/industry/competencies, etc;

    • advanced ‘Project list’, ‘Service list’, ‘Competence list’ with search option and advanced sorting;

    • ‘News and opinions’, ‘Clients’, ‘Articles’, ‘Review’ functionality;

    • performed projects (СЃase studies), news, own works of consultants are tagged: by industries, services, countries – and lead to corresponding site pages;

    • Over each article there is a "print" icon – printing in different formats is available;

    • "send link by email” option;

    • "share" option using a drop-down list of social networks;

    • customizable dynamic banner component;

    • localization – the site is available in two languages for now;

    • “Site map - Privacy Policy - Legal Disclaimer” section.

    Different implementations of text blocks: information display in tabs, drop down blocks of information with the effect of “broadening” the text, descriptions that open in pop-up blocks.

    The team has successfully developed the website according to the Customer’s requirements, and performed extensive testing to ensure smooth performance.

    There is a user friendly and convenient UI with good usability properties, intuitively clear to users of any level of computer skills.

    The website provides users with tools and content that will give users an advantage in their activity and make their business more productive. The user can easily find the required information about the projects performed, consultants and their own works, descriptions of best practices in the sphere.

    Users are encouraged to order consulting services online or contact a Consultant directly via an email or phone number stated in his/her CV.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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