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  • Logistics management application

    High performance ReactJS application integrated with Scorocode service (BAAS)

    Project Overview

    High-performance ReactJS application integrated with Scorocode service (BAAS). The application allows to track cargo trucking, apply rates, import and export data, use different kinds of handbooks and reports generating.

    The system consists of 4 Modules:

    • The cargo page contains all data connected with cargo (the logistic chain, dossier with all details ike agreements and so on). All this information has tree form.
    • Directories page allows to set the lists of dealers, contractors, routes, legal entities, services, and location.
    • Bills page allows to process bills in different ways: paying, canceling, editing, passing to bookkeeping, preparing to printing.
    • Documents and reports page contains tree which has groups of document and reports. Each group contains a document or a report.

    Cargo page

    Cargo page shows cargo list with all logistic chains. Each cargo has an application and dossier. The list of cargos can be imported and exported to an excel-file.  Import and export is made with help of dynamic templates, which can be set from admin. Different filters from the field of Cargo can be applied to the list. Also tarification can be applied according to dynamic scenario (also can be set). Every element can be opened to see all the logistic chain and status.


    What Was Done

    There can be opened dossier where all the detailed information can be edited: logistic operations, sales agreements. All the sums (sales, purchases) with currency conversion are shown at the bottom of the dossier card. At this page mandatory tarification can be loaded and some documents can be prepared for printing and some can be attached. Every combined field can be sent to the directories (ex. Client, contractor, region and so on).


    Among the directories there is opportunity to set lists of dealers, routes, model of vehicles, contagenst,  legal entities, services, location. The last thing allows to define the point on the map.


    The are two kinds of bills: sales and purchase. The page contains the tree of bills which are grouped according to companies and data. At this page bills can be paid, canceled, passed to the bookkeeping department and prepared to printing. When a bill is being edited it is possible to see all operations and chains which are included in this bill.

    Documents and reports

    There is a tree which consists of groups of documents. Each group contains a document or a report.

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