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  • Website for sports analysis company

    Website for players, coaches and fans to analyze any player’s performance without leaving home/office

    Project Overview

    The project is the site for the company that provides statistical data and analytical solutions for football leagues, clubs and players around the world. Players, coaches and fans can analyze any player’s performance without leaving home/office.

    The main goals of the project were the following:   

    • To create a new site structure and remake an external component of the website

    • To make the mobile layout of the site

    • To realize the server side of the site

    • To implement an internal API

    • To add the sections for other sports



    What Was Done

    During the process of creation of the website the Development Team used CMS Wordpress to create themes for design of the website. In themes it is possible to realize the functions, that are unique for the website. These themes allow to make integration with Wordpress API.

    The Development Team created the templates for the menu on the website with a possibility of dynamic formation of content in them. Templates of pages with a possibility of filling with any content were created.

    The following templates are now present at the site:

    • The page with content

    • Contacts (map)

    • Contact page (feedback form). In the template Contact page (feedback form) we created feedback form with AJAX.

    • News and other templates

    The feature for adding of the map on the page is created.

    The functions realized in the map:

    • Filling with content via API

    • Filling with content using the admin panel

    • Editing of markers in the admin panel

    • The map  is stylized according to design of the website

    • Possibility to add marker by means of UI interface

    • Clusterization goes in dependance of zoom mode

    The features for control of colors of the menu, transparency of headers and other parameters were added. There is a possibility to select a part of image in the header after minimizing the window.

    The Development Team also added selectable types of records for further insertion onto pages. It is possible to arrange the content on the page in any sequence from records of the necessary type.

    The site is multilingual and there is a possibility to add any quantity of languages. For each language it is possible to fill out identical pages with various content that allows to adapt to preferences of users from various countries.

    The adaptive design for devices with various display resolution was also created by the The Development Team.

    The Development Team created the website in time with all the features requested by the Customer. The website has great overall user-experience, is effective and easy to use across devices. The website was launched by the Customer and works properly.

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