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  • Targeted and well-designed website

    The team's goal was to create a carefully targeted and well-designed website to provide all sorts of in-depth service

    Project Overview

    The main challenge was to create a carefully targeted and well-designed website to provide all sorts of in-depth service information and complete background information about the company.

    What Was Done

    The product has the following features:

    • User friendly and convenient UI with good usability, intuitively clear to all users  regardless of the level of computer skills

    • Multi-language support (Lithuanian and English languages) with possibility to add more languages easily by using backend interface. Support content translation and browser language detection, internationalization of the site including multilingual blocks, menu items, materials and translation of user defined strings

    • News functionality (ability to add/edit/delete news; ability to add pictures, video on the news; ability to show one latest news record fragment on the home page with title, date, author, small description, and link to the whole news record; ability to show all news records of the current year in one page with archive years links on the top of the list; automatically generated news archives for past years; ability to rich-text formatting of news content)

    • Comments functionality for news items

    • Services functionality (ability to add/edit/delete services; ability to set which of them are shown on the home page’s footer and all other pages footer with pictures, titles, fragment of service description and link to “read more”; ability to add/edit service text placed in the service icon; ability to browse services in home page’s footer with scrolling; ability to order service from service page by clicking on a link “Order Service”)

    • Contacts feature (ability to add/edit/delete/hide/show contact people in contacts page; ability to set picture, position, name, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail for each of them; ability to add/edit whole company contacts on top of the people list in contacts page)

    • Wide support of video-materials

    • Contact us web-form (ability to fill in the web-form from any page on the website; ability to show success registration message on the same page without page load; the web form should not be visible for those who have already filled it in; ability for manager to view those who filled form in a list)

    • Home page banner (ability to edit banner content; ability to add few pictures in the banner content and set timing interval for them to change; alternative ability to change for pictures in the banner on page refresh)

    • The “Try” and “Booking services” web-forms

    • Social bookmarks for news pages

    • Tag-cloud

    • Animated popup message (Modal window, which pop ups from the top of browser window after 30 seconds visit at the same page and asks visitor if he/she wants to have a live chat with a button „live chat“. If visitor won‘t close it – after 20 seconds it disappears in the same animated way. Animated pop-up message won‘t show up again at that particular page for that particular user)

    • Life support chat

    The Development Team has performed the following tasks:

    • Drupal theme development (for the front and normal pages) with the use of graphics given by the customer

    • Development of custom Drupal modules:

      forms_alter (the custom Drupal module that simplifies translation process of web-forms and provides additional options for comment functionality)
    • Carousel (the custom Drupal module for implementation the dynamic banner on the home page);Chat (the custom Drupal module for implementation of the Live support chat)
    • Popup (the custom Drupal module for implementation of animated popup message that is being displayed after 30 seconds visit at the same page and asks a visitor if he/she wants to have a live chat with button „live chat“ with photo of the available Chat Manager)
    • Fixedbutton (the custom Drupal module for implementation of the button to initiate a chat conversation floating on the right side of the page, always handy for clicking without having to scroll)
    • Installation and thin customization Drupal modules, adapted to the design:

      • AddToAny Share/Bookmark Button;

      • Block Class;

      • Block Edit;

      • CCK (Content Construction Kit);

      • Date;

      • DHTML Menu;

      • Email field;

      • CKeditor;

      • FileField;

      • Google Analytics;

      • ImageAPI;

      • ImageField;

      • Internationalization (i18n);

      • NodeWords;

      • Pathauto

      • SimpleMenu;

      • String Overrides;

      • SWF tools;

      • Tagadelic;

      • Taxonomy Manager;

      • Token;

      • Views;

      • Webforms;

      • Web File Manager.

    The Development Team has performed an extensive and thorough testing to ensure the system has an outstanding quality and a smooth usage.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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