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Indoor tracking solution

Indoor tracking solution

Project Overview

The customer required to develop a solution for indoor positioning inside retail outlets.

Bluetooth beacons that are placed around the retail shop/mall. The beacons are linked together into a network and are arranged in a specific way. Additionally a Web server was used for storage of maps, images, info about beacons and specific client's info (e.g. advertisement).

The application defines the position of users retrieving data from the beacons and shows the location on the map. Based on the user’s position relevant information and ads are displayed.

What Was Done

Shopping application provides user an interface with the Indoor Positioning System and combines it with a set of retailer specific functions.

• Shopping lists creation by the users, sharing lists with other users

• Product/store info display as user approaches it

• Notifications when users approach the product from one of the shopping lists

• Creation of ad campaigns related to relevant product categories

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