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  • Hotel chain and a ticket provider

    Drupal website for a hotel chain and a ticket provider

    Project Overview

    The goal of this project was to develop a website for a hotel chain and a ticket provider that helps to find a hotel in different cities across US and book entertainment tickets at competitive prices.

    The customer already had a website, but they decided to build a new one from scratch in order to increase conversions and ensure future site growth.

    A new open source content management system (Drupal 8) was chosen. It was done to offer scalability and give content editors a sense of control and confidence to evolve the site over time.

    The following features were required by the customer and developed by our team:

    • Website should be based on Drupal 8 CMS

    • Responsive Experience (Desktop/Mobile/Tablet)

    Global Components (Navigation, Footer, Social)

    • Vivid Tickets API Integration


    What Was Done

    • Clientivity Hotel iFrame / API Integration

    • Google Analytics Integration – Basic implementation to include pages to be tagged appropriately in order to gather data on traffic sources, behavior on site, etc.

    • Social Integrations – Ability to publish content to social channels
    • Site Search – Ability to search for Tickets
    • Newsletter – MailChimp Integration

    The ticketing landing page allows users to search for tickets, see top events locally and nationally and drill down by categories.

    The page gives ability to search tickets with filter displayed at top of page (above the fold). Vivid Tickets will be leveraged as the ticketing service and integrated via their API.

    The Hotels page has unique design elements around the integration of the Clientivity Hotel iframe.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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