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Food delivery service

Food delivery service

Project Overview

The project is a food ordering and delivery service that offers a platform where customers can order products to be delivered from various restaurants.

Except single orders on the platform it is possible to make joint orders.

The dishes are offered to users by various restaurants for which it is necessary to realize the convenient admin panel with management of menu and monitoring of orders and the status of delivery.

The payments for the service is made by means of ecoPayz UI with a specialized skin and limited functionality.

The main tasks for the Development Team were to implement:

  • Order management in the admin panel
  • Search by filters on the page of orders
  • Management of reports in the admin panel + search with filters
  • Registration of a user - addition of various checks on data input
  • Code refactoring and bag fix


What Was Done

There are 3 different user entities in the system of the project:

  • Clients - regular customers that can make orders and pay for them through the project system

  • Employers - business users that can create new Clients and transfer funds to them through the project system

  • Merchants - restaurants that offer their products, accept orders and funds through the project system

The Development Team made the adjustments in accordance with the Customer’s requirements. The site works smoothly and the admin panel is maintained as was ordered by the Customer.

In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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