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  • Fleet Management System for Dealers

    The system allows dealers to manage their fleet and control vehicles in real-time

    Project Overview

    The Fleet Management System for Dealers allows getting real-time data about the condition of the vehicle. The system is installed inside the vehicle and looks like a debt that is plugged into the obd-split. Using a modem, the solution reads the vehicle's indicators and transmits them to the server. In the next step, data were processed and made available to the user for analysis in the interface. Also, it is easily accessible to track the location of the vehicle on Google maps. 

    The goal of the project was to create a Cloud infrastructure, receive data via the Azure IoT system and analyze it based on critical values, which can be used in client web and mobile apps in the future. So managers track current data on battery charge level, fuel, speed, mileage, RPM, etc. The portal allows creating rules for push notifications of some events. When a driver leaves a specified zone or exceeds the speed limit during a test drive the app significates and sends a notification. Thus the solution helps both to organize the work cycle efficiently and to improve customer service for business growth.

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    What Was Done

    We developed an innovative and versatile solution for the client that fully met his requirements. Besides, we have created the following functions:

    • Device registering of a new device (dongle) when a vehicle is purchased;
    • Device set up;
    • Retrieve vehicle report which  includes the trip data (Location of the vehicle at all times, mileage); trip parameters (speed, RPM, fuel level, etc.);
    • Event notifications. The following events can be captured by Dongle and transmitted to Platform to create messages: Airbag deployment; Towing; Warning lamp; Dongle unplugged;
    • Server certificate validation;
    • Device twin. It is a logical representation of the device state on the server-side; 
    • Direct methods. It is a communication pattern implemented in the manner of request-reply; 
    • Messages. This is a push model communication pattern allowing one side to initiate data sending to the other side (device-to-cloud (d2c) messages, Cloud-to-device (c2d) messages).

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