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  • E-learning platform for courses and workshops specializing in IT

    E-learning platform for courses and workshops specializing in IT

    Project Overview

    The solution helped the client to extend their offline courses to online mode. Learners can register on the platform and take courses on the desired topic. To reinforce the data they have studied, users make individual practical labs and pass tests, which are checked automatically by the system. In addition, the app includes an administrator role that can be used to check and add homework tasks manually. When a test is passed, the next topic becomes available for study. 

    After successful completion of the course, the learner can get an electronic certificate which is signed by an instructor and secured by Blockchain. 

    The E-learning platform for courses and workshops is a good way to start training in a topic of interest from scratch and to get the most useful data yourself online. 

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    What Was Done

    The project was based initially on Django templates, which were slow and poorly maintained. Our main task on the project was to increase the loading speed of web pages and the application as a whole.

    To do this we transferred the platform to Django API and React so that the frontend and backend can be developed separately, work quickly, reuse parts flexibly, and support. Then our team configured Azure DevOps Server and set up CI/CD and Gitea to create a coherent system that is easy to work with.

    As a result, we doubled the speed of the solution, fixed system bugs, and provided the client with a solution that fully meets their requirements.

    Project team: 2 developers, 1 PM.
    Technologies and tools: Python, Django, Django REST Framework, React, Azure (CI/CD), PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, GITEA. 

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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