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  • E-learning website for children

    E-learning website for children with instructions for parents and teachers

    Project Overview

    The customer ordered the e-learning site for children with educational and informative options and with instructions for parents and teachers. The main aim of the site was to provide children with information about the animals. The site is a good help for parents and teachers who want to introduce children into the world of animals and teach children how to care after domestic animals.  

    The main page also includes the information for parents and teachers with brief instructions to the site. The informative page includes not only printed information about animals, but also contain short video-shoots. The site provides a gaming element to train memory and attentiveness of children. There is also an option to enable the sound if it is not needed.

    The web-site is intended to serve as a gateway to information and knowledge about animals for children aged 3-8 years. 

    Animated elements on the main page should open:

    • Informative page about animals with video
    • Questionnaire
    • Game to train the memory and attentiveness
    • Contact information and the gallery of children's drawings
    • Page for adults



    What Was Done

    The Development Team created the site that includes:

    • The main animated page, which has the button leading to the information for adults with instructions and contact information. There are animated elements on the page, several of them allow a user to switch over to the page with information about animals. Here the children find information about animals and short video-shoots. The child may enable the sound or turn it on to hear the information in case he/she can not read yet
    • One of the options of the site is the educational game to train memory and attentiveness
    • The site is absolutely safe and does not contain undesirable information for children

    For the moment, the site is successfully functioning and is used by children and parents in Sweden. The site has good flow of visitors from Sweden and bordering countries. The options are working successfully.

    The informational part of the site is constantly filled in with new content.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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