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  • Customer questionnaire: data upload

    Customer questionnaire: data upload in mobile application of auto dealer

    Project Overview

    The Customer is a well-known auto dealer. The detailed information about the direct Customer cannot be disclosed due to the conditions of NDA between the Team and the Customer.

    The goal of the project was to implement an upload of the data to Excel and Powerpoint (for a certain period): questionnaire details with diagrams templates, which could be changed and inserted into presentation.  

    The customer profile had to include questionnaire for customers where all answers of the questionnaire should be stored in one database with possibility to upload data to and Powerpoint.



    What Was Done

    In the course of the project implementation the Development Team added the page for management of translations to the admin panel of OctoberCMS.

    The separate form for downloading of Excel/Powerpoint of documents by the defined parameters (range of dates, document type, car model) was added. The Excel file with several sheets was divided into separate files with one sheet in each.

    The Development Team used phpoffice/phpexcel library to work with Excel. In the named library one may open each file and fill it in with information, then add it in the new document as a separate sheet. Usage of the phpoffice/phpexcel library accelerated the process of work with files and gave the possibility to edit single sheets (templates) by the template.

    OpenTBS library was used to keep flexibility in editing the schedules in Powerpoint. The library allows to fill the ready template with data. If deemed necessary, the template may be edited as a simle Powerpoint document.

    All data for diagrams are calculated on the server side. The ready data is inserted in the documents.

    The Development Team implemented the following:

    • Admin panel - addition of the button for new export and selection of period;

    • Admin panel - editing/addition of translations;

    • Possibility to export data to Excel (data with save current xlsx structure);

    • Creation of ppx structure (background, pages, texts).

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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