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  • Corporate website to provide business accounting

    Corporate website a consulting company providing business accounting and tax accounting services

    Project Overview

    The customer is a consulting company that specializes in providing business accounting and tax accounting services (financial accounting and bookkeeping) for business firms and allows them to focus on their core competencies thus achieving operational excellence.

    The main challenge was to create a web-site with the following features:

    • Several dynamic pages that are editable from the admin panel

    • A page that contains a “contact us” web-form

    • A news blog

    • A newsletter feature

    • SEO optimization

    Development of a unique WordPress theme was not required. The customer had already had a WordPress theme, called “Executive from Studio Press”. The development team had to adjust it in such a way that its colours reflect “experience, trust, tranquility, and safety”. Depending on the chosen colours, the customer’s logo should be changed as well.


    What Was Done

    Our specialists carried out the following activities:

    • Creation of  a logo (our designers created 6 different variants of the logo)

    • Ready WordPress theme  adaptation according to the customer’s requirements

    • Development of a WordPress plug-in that allows to display groups of posts on static pages

    • Installation and fine customization of WordPress plug-ins; adaptation of plug-ins to the site design: contact form, cross-linker, MailChimp, Robots Meta, SEO Slugs, the web-site deployment. 

    The development team performed an extensive and thorough testing to ensure that the system was of the best quality and to guarantee smooth usage.

    Designers of Innowise Group developed several variants of the company’s logo and made a new colour scale for the provided WordPress theme. The developed web-site conforms completely to the customer's requirements. After testing had been completed the web-site was successfully deployed to the customer’s server.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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