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  • Corporate site for insurance company

    Corporate site for company providing insurance products and services

    Project Overview

    The challenge for our Development Team was to implement bug fix and make upgrade of the website for the company providing insurance products and services.

    The work on the project also included addition and setting of new products.




    What Was Done

    The following tasks were implemented by the Development Team:

    • We found out the issues and corrected calculations of problematic products

    • In the process of work we added and customized new products

    • Some functional blocks on the site were rewritten, for example, the reports which are generated on each product were rewritten to microservices

    • In the frames of work we also did refactoring (restructuring) of the existing code thus improving non functional attributes of the software. This allowed us to improve source-code maintainability and create a more expressive internal architecture. Code refactoring helped to discover and fix hidden and dormant bugs/vulnerabilities in the system by simplifying the underlying logic, and eliminating unnecessary levels of complexity.

    • The specialists of the company optimized inquiries to the database

    • The team realized new functionality of addition of the personnel number and a phone number for the existing staff of the partner companies by means of import

    The Development Team followed the specification and implemented the tasks in accordance with best practices and  the requirements of the Customer.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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