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  • Mobile sales system CMS

    CMS for adding products to the mobile sales system

    Project Overview

    The idea was to create a platform which would represent digital market, where user can start his business activity undergoing online all the implied difficulties including legal processes, content management, advertising and so on.

    The application consists of 3 modules:

    • CMS Studio allows to manage clients’ applications

    • Checkout manages the order

    • Loyalty manages the program of loyalty to customers.


    What Was Done

    CMS Studio

    • Starting page. When a user is logged in, he comes to apps page where he chooses one of his onlineshop applications.

    • Content management page. Here a user chooses the activity that he would like to do with his application.  He can pass to Lookbook Manager, Home Merchandise Manager, Notification Manager, Cache Manager

    • Lookbook manager. Here a user can manage the lookbook of his application, choosing from different templates provided by the High Street service.

    • Home Merchandise manager. Here user can decide which goods and in which order and way will appear.
    • Notification manager. Here a user can send and edit notification, choosing content and location. Also the user is able to plan notification and to look through already sent ones.
    • Cache Manager lets to delete cache from the application. User can choose the location and date that show where cache must be deleted.


    • Checkout manages the order forming process for the current client’s cart. It includes filling personal information by client and choosing the way of paying and delivery. Also there is an opportunity to use a sale coupon.


    • Loyalty system collects the info about customer loyalty processing vouchers, discounts, gifts and order history.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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