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  • Online shopping portal

    CATALOG.TM is an informational, advertising and online shopping portal, developed for the market

    Project Overview

    CATALOG.TM is an informational, advertising and online shopping portal, developed for the market of Turkmenistan.

    The idea was to create a unique web space for the Turkmen and the bordering countries, which would combine online shopping and informational functions. The site had to be responsive and user-friendly.

    The project scope also involved a social media marketing campaign for CATALOG.TM which included creation of a promotional video, advertisement and news posts in LINE messenger, and in "VK" social network.

    The website is implemented with ASP.Handlers + .NET. It is multilingual, including Russian, English and Turkmen versions.




    What Was Done

    There are seven major features:

    • Catalog of goods provided by various shops of Turkmenistan with the options of searching and comparing goods;

    • Catalog of organizations of Turkmenistan with their location on the map, description and contact information;

    • News section with the latest and trending technology news in the Russian and Turkmen languages;

    • Music section with music available for online listening and free downloading;

    • Possibility for users to register on the site and place private ads by categories, as well as upload photos;

    • Advertisement block;

    • Weather forecast for the largest cities of Turkmenistan and the currency rate;

    • Admin panel.

    Goods Catalogue

    Initially the project was planned as a website for selling and delivering electronics, household appliances, clothes, and automobiles in Turkmenistan. That is why Goods catalogue is the core of the web portal.

    The main functionality includes:

    • Two user groups: Sellers and Buyers;

    • Goods are arranged by categories;

    • Efficient search options (search by products, manufacturers, and stores);

    • Buyers can select and compare goods;

    • Sellers can create pages for their stores and add goods.


    The website also has News section which provides readers with latest and trending technology news, as well as news about Turkmenistan.


    The site provides the possibility to listen to music online or download the latest dancing mixes of world famous composers and DJs.

    Private ads

    Registered users can place ads to one or several categories: SALE, PURCHASE, EXCHANGE, RENT, SERVICES, JOB SEARCH, JOB OFFERS


    Here users can choose the manufactures they are interested in and look through their offers.

    Advertising on CATALOG.TM Users can place their banners and ads in the upper part of the website and in the middle of Home page. On Home page users can look through the last added goods with the best offered price. The team working on the website continues to develop and improve it to make this site the largest goods, organizations and services catalogue in Turkmenistan.

    Search and Navigation

    CATALOG.TM supports users in an efficient search for content: news, goods and organizations available through the portal.

    Admin panel

    Through the admin panel administrators and moderators can easily introduce changes, add content, publish news, moderate ads of users, etc.

    For the moment, the site is successfully functioning and has versions in several languages.

    CATALOG.TM is a gateway to a wide range of information related to Turkmenistan and bordering counties, and has stable flow of visitors.

    News and information about stores, companies, manufacturers is regularly updated. The service has been advertised in LINE messenger and "VK" social network. 


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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