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Car hologram app

Hololens experience: car hologram application

Project Overview

The Unity-based application creates the experience of watching realistic 3D car model.

The team has also applied interaction with the model. The whole scene can be moved and rotated around.


What Was Done

The car model itself is interactive – the doors, the hood and the trunk may be opened by a tap gesture with a textbox popping out, when a relevant part opens. Tap on the headlight is a switch between day and night.

Vuforia SDK uses a Hololens camera to spot markers and overlay 3D objects to them in an augmented reality mode.

Vuforia SDK is a renowned tool for AR developers, and specialists of our company have embraced the possibility to try it for Microsoft Hololens goggles.

The camera captures a marker, and the corresponding character appears in AR mode. Users can rotate them and move them around. Vuforia shows off brilliantly, ensuring excellent tracking and slick performance of the application.

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