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  • Website for the virtual fan club

    Virtual Fan Club website for Motorcycle Lovers

    Project Overview

    The project is a kind of virtual fan club for motorcycle lovers.

    The aim is to unite motorcycle lovers and give them possibility to share photos and any kind of information. The existing website of the customer was outdated and should be replaced with the new one. The scope of this project was to create a Drupal 8 CMS website to be maintained by the customer.

    A number of content types should be available for the customer to create all the contents on the website.



    What Was Done

    The Development Team of the company made alterations in the website structure:

    • The submenu was hidden in the main navigation by the means of a dropdown

    • When a member user is logged in he/she gets one additional item in the top navigation, with a sub navigation

    Concerning  the website content types, the following list of content types are available for the customer to create the website:

    • Basic page (the Development Team made it easy for the user to add pictures inside basic pages)
    • News article
    • GPS Routes
    • Sponsors
    • Photo album

    Three types of users are available on the website:

    • Anonymous user (sees all public content)

    • Logged in member user (sees all public content + GPS Routes, Promotions, Extra information about Activities)

    • Admin user (possibility to manage website)

    The registration of a new member is connected with CRM bpm’online, where the owner of the site may trace the information about new members and approve the membership. For logged in users there is a page that allows them to maintain their personal details. 

    News articles

    News articles may be easily added and updated by the users themselves.

    GPS routes

    GPS routes were added to the website and help to gather all members of the club in one trip. There is a listing page that shows all the routes available. All the fields in a gps route are searchable. The GPS routes are not added only by website administrators, but by logged in member users. 


    On the website there is a part called Sponsors. We made it possible for any user add sponsors to the website. This content type consists of the following fields:

    • Name

    • Logo (the logos of sponsort appear in the homepage sponsor slider)

    • Link


    The user is able to add activities to the website. The content type exists of the following fields:

    • Start date / time

    • End date / time

    • Category (taxonomy)

    • Description 

    • Thumbnail

    • Tags (taxonomy)

    Two activity calendars are available on the website, one for anonymous users - they only see a list of start and end date/time, and the name of the activity. The second type of activity calendars are only available for logged in member users. They are able to see the list of activities in a real calendar view.

    An export button generates a PDF download of the calendar (respecting the filters).

    Photo album

    We made it possible for the customer to add Photo Albums to the website. The pictures are not hosted on the website, but on Google Photos. It is easy to add or remove Google Photos albums on the website.

    Contact page

    A contact page has a form that is submitted in bpm’online as a lead.

    The site allows customer to fill it with content independently, to register new users. It contains various kinds of content: news, photos, GPS routes. News may also be added by users/club members. GPS helps to gather all members of the club in one trip. The registration of a new member is connected with CRM bpm’online, where the owner of the site may see the information about new members and approve the membership.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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