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  • An auction platform for high-price shop

    An auction platform for high price and quality items and related materials

    Project Overview

    The challenge for the Development Team was to develop the application -  service as an auction platform for “high” price and quality items and related materials.

    Users should be splitted in different subscribers with different rights. Users should be able to create auctions, direct sales and exchanges.

    The main aim of the project was to earn money by selling subscription for using the platform. Depending on the subscription the user should have the possibility to create different kinds of sale methods.


    What Was Done

    The Development Team followed the requirements of the Customer and created the auction platfom for “high” price and quality items and related materials.

    Users in the project are divided in different subscribers with different rights. Users can create auctions, direct sales and exchanges. Depending on the subscription the user can create different kinds of sale methods:

    • Method one is direct sale: users can offer an article for a fixed price. If activated, other users can offer their articles for an exchange. If activated, other user can barter with over the price of said article. This happens in a separate private chat on the article. An article is in the shop for 30 days, after 25 days the user gets a private message that informs him/her of the fact and if he/she wants to prolong, it if not it will be removed from the shop and set to inactive.

    • The second method is auction: users can create an item for auction. Auction items are not exchangeable with other articles and not able to be bargained for. They run for 30 Days if nobody bids on them. They can be removed as long as there is no bid on them. After someone has made a bid, the auction time is reduced to 72 hours. They can not be aborted at that stage.

    On all articles there is a public chat, where additional information on the article can be provided.

    After a sale or an auction has run it’s course, the buyer and the seller get a confirmation email and the proper contact data for the other user.


    • The Customer can curate the articles - Delete articles - Rate articles

    • Award “medals” for high quality articles - Verify new user - Delete user - Block user - Police content - Set articles to active - Set articles to inactive - Send automated emails

    • The administrator has an opportunity to change/delete messages of users in chats

    • The administrator can create news for users

    • There is an order page where all purchases of users are displayed: subscriptions or additional articles

    • There is a page of reports where the reports are generated automatically for the last day. The report comprises information on purchases of users


    The App is able to:

    • Send messages from the platform

    • Show articles in different categories

    • To create/ change/ delete articles

    • To carry out search of articles by several filters

    • To participate in public auctions

    • To look through news

    • To exchange articles with other users

    • To buy a subscription and additional auctions and to pay with the credit card, paypal, postfinance.

    As a result of the project the Development Team created the platform for creation, exchange or selling of articles, which are paid by means of credit card, paypal or postfinance. Interaction with other users is carried out by means of chats.

    The platform was developed in accordance with all the requirements of the Customer.


    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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