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Admin panel & API for mobile application

Admin panel and API development for mobile application

Project Overview

The aim of the project was to create a marketplace that should allow small service providers move to large European cities and the United States.

The purpose of the project was to give small retailers flexibility in selling without having to learn Wordpress, Shopify or Prestashop and consumers should have a possibility to select offers, that adapt to time preferences and geographic locations, instead of having them adapt to the parameters of the service providers.

What Was Done

Our Development Team performed the following tasks:

  • MVC development;

  • REST API development;

  • Realization of possibility of registration using Facebook account

The following functionality was implemented for the companies:

  • Registration service providers in system

  • Possibility of addition of the services provided by the company

  • An opportunity to adjust the schedule of work of the company

  • Possibility of viewing of the executed and future orders

The following functionality was implemented for the administrator:

  • Users management

  • Management of categories and subcategories of services

  • Management of services of the companies

API (for mobile application):

  • Registration of clients

  • Viewing of the companies and services

  • Search by services and companies

  • Order and payment (through payment service provider)

  • Possibility of withdrawal of the order with a refund

The Development Team implemented the project - a marketplace that allows small service providers move to large European cities and the United States. The project was made in accordance with all the requirements of the Customer.


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